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May You Attain Full Knowledge …

June 18, 2017

“May you attain full knowledge of God’s will through perfect wisdom, and spiritual insight. Then you will lead a life worthy of the Lord and pleasing to Him in every way. You will multiply good works of every sort and grow in the knowledge of God. By the might of His glory you will be endowed with the strength needed to stand fast, even to endure joyfully what ever may come, giving thanks to the Father for having made you worthy to share the lot of the saints in light. He rescued us from the power of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of his beloved Son.” Colossians 1:9-13

This passage from scripture is the opening lines of encouragement from the Apostle Paul, who was writing to the Colossians, along with Timothy who was traveling with Paul. What comes before this passage though is subtle, but noteworthy. Paul recognizes Epaphas, who he recognizes as a ” fellow servant”, or disciple of Christ. What is also important to note here is that there is no recorded point in time where Paul ever actually went to Colossea. Instead, Paul taught the true faith to Epaphas, who converted, learned and then took that seed of faith and returned home to Colossea, and spread it through the countryside converting the people and passed that faith to the people and the future saints who lived there.

So, you say to yourself, great ! So what does that mean for us here ? Glad you asked !

It is important because Paul did not have to go and hold the hand of Epaphas in order to pass on the light of faith and the Word. Paul had faith in the seed he planted. It really had little to do with Epaphas. Although, Epaphas did have an open heart, and believed the Word when he heard it. Paul trusted that Word would spread. Just as Jesus, entrusted the twelve apostles, who in and of themselves were not perfect, did not always have perfect faith, but still trusted in the seed of faith that they were given..

This idea of having the pure seed of faith being transmitted to others in a sometimes imperfect manner is pretty much how it goes. This should give us encouragement in the faith that we have received and to participate more fully in the charge that we are given to pass on this faith as Epaphas did. We don’t have to do it perfectly, we just have to do it. We also don’t need the sledgehammer approach, where we are pounding the seed into the skull of the person receiving it… All we have to do is plant the seed, and walk away.

We have to have faith that the seed we plant, is what God will use for His will. The seed that is planted, will not always bloom before our eyes. We may never get the opportunity to see the results of the seeds we plant. We must trust in God. We must trust that the Lord will use the seeds we plant in the continuum of His divine will.

The beginning of this passage says “may you attain full knowledge of God’s will through perfect wisdom and spiritual insight…” Maybe the saints eventually ended up at this place, but for the rest of us, this is the destination, and the journey is where we spend our time… at least if we make the effort.

Much like the planting of those seeds of faith, where at times we may get to see a glimpse of the results, possibly the beginnings of the results of our labors, we will likely never see the complete result, or even understand what it is that will occur as a result of that work, which would be in Gods will for mankind. The one truth that we know about Gods will to an absolute certainty is that Gods plan for us is as basic as the first truth we learned as children. God’s will for us is to …. know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him.. so that we can be with Him in Heaven.
Ask someone who is your elder, if the life that they currently have, is the life that they dreamed of, or planned for in their youth. If their lives were the same now as what they had planned for it to be maybe after high school, or even after college ( if they went to college and attended after high school).

I would venture to say that nearly none of them can say that their lives turned out as they originally planned. This is the difference between where mans will differs from God’s will. We could attempt to understand, or discern where God had a hand in the things that have occurred in our lives, It is even possible that we could see a facet of how things happened the way that they did. This enlightenment is not just for our own understanding. This enlightenment is there so that we have the opportunity to not only be enriched in our own faith,, but to fulfill our mission to share that faith with others just as Epaphas did in Collosea.

God can take the one small seed, one small act of faith, and use that one act to help bring about the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. This is what Paul was praying for and encouraging the Colossians towards… and what I encourage you towards today, the same way that Saint Francis did hundreds of years ago… Preach the gospel at all times.. and when necessary, use words..

May God give you the gift of His peace !


Her name is Wisdom …

May 22, 2015

” Watch for her and you will have no trouble,
you will find her sitting at your gates.
Event to think about her is understanding fully grown,
be on the alert for her and anxiety  will quickly leave you.
She herslef walks about looking for those who are worthy of her
and graciously shows herself to them as they go.
in every thought of theirs coming to meet them…”    ( Book of Wisdom 6:14-17)
IN the book of Wisdom in the Old Testament, this book which is at points attibuted to Solomon, speaks to us of Wisdom.

In order to truly understand Wisdom and try to consider how it applies to us, we first need a good understanding of What Wisdom is.

Wisdom is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit we receive at Baptism.  The gift of Wisdom is what allows us to discern the right choices in living a holy life.

So, now that your a bit confused.. how is Wisdom different from faith ?  Faith is a gift as well, but it is the acceptance and affirmation of that gift that is the mark of faith.  Wisdom give us the understanding and internalization of that faith, that
allows us to take that faith and put it into the actions and decisions that cause us to live a full and holy life.

So we understand that like faith, it is a gift, but, that gift must be taken out of its “box” and used in order for us to gain
a complete understanding of what it is.

Let me ask you a question..   Does anyone remember one of the readings from the last Mass they attended ?  ( NO cheating).

OK. so, the point of the readings is so that we can hear what is read, and from that reading, we are able to hear and internalize some facet of the reading this gives meaning to us individually and we get our spiritual feeding from that.

Like Wisdom, it is a gift we have received.  The problem being, that like the other spiritual gifts we have, they are near useless
until it is received, internalized, and then shared with others for the benefit of our brothers and sisters, for the glory of God.

Taking our Lord, in word ( and deed) to our brothers and sisters allows them also to hear, to internalize and hopefully to take that feeding they have received and share it with others that they also might be fed.

You might think that after an entire lifetime of attendance in church, that those messages might get old.  That they certainly have heard the messages time and time again.  There is certainly nothing new there ?  AH.. but there is.    Everytime we hear the Word of God it speaks to us in new and different ways at different times of our lives.

The first part of the reading reminds us that it is our responsibility to seek wisdom.
We are also admonished that Wisdom causes anxiety to leave us.

Wisdom lets us understand that God has a plan for each of us, that we should not be afraid or worried because God has things well in hand.  It is through the gift and search of spiritual Wisdom, that we find that our stress and anxiety of everyday life is
lessened or removed because of our understanding of the spiritual life.

All of those things, Life, birth, death, finances, stress, work, all those factors that make up our daily lives all processed through the eyes of wisdom cause us the ability to see these events all as part of the life of faith and a time to stop and praise God for his mercy, and grace.

Seek out your gift of Wisdom, read, learn, and advance in your understanding.  Today, the biggest problem that the church faces is a lack of formation, and knowledge of its own true faith.

If you do not have a good grounding in your faith, you will be lead astray easily.

Ask the hard questions, seek the answers to those questions that have always nagged you.  It is by seeking these answers, by working on your understanding that you will gain an advancement of Wisdom, which is pleasing to God.

May God give you the gift of His peace !
“Fear of the LORD* is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and discipline” Psalm 1:7