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Suffering and Glory (Part III)

July 4, 2014

” For creation waits with eager expectation the revelation of the children of God :  For creation was made subject to futility, not of its own accord , but because of the one who subjected it.  In the hope that creation itself would be set free from slavery to corruption and share in the glorious freedom of the children of God. ”

When planting a garden we prepare the soil, then we plant  seeds  and tend the garden, weeding and we wait in anticipation for the crops to grow and produce fruits and vegetables.  God plants seeds within us and that divine spark of the spirit that we have at the point of conception.

It is interesting that the scripture here says that creation waits , instead of the Lord waits.  If we consider that “creation” encompasses the entirety of Heaven and Earth and all they contain, we can say that creation is all encompassing of Heaven and Earth in our human understanding waits for the Children of God to be revealed…

It is almost like it is saying that creation awaits  the children of God because they do not really know who they are yet or what they will do but they have an idea that it will be glorious when they finally do show up and reveal themselves.  This, not  unlike the Israelites who were waiting for the Messiah.  They did not really know who it would be , they had some indications , but couldn’t wait for Him to be revealed.

This revelation that creation so eagerly awaits, is still in a longing.  The revelation might come in two parts.  The first part with the revelation of the individual person, something that occurs when individual people come to the realization that they are indeed a child of God, and strive to live like one.  Through this revelation they come to various understandings revealed to them where God is present in their lives and working with and around them.

The second part might be the community of believers, the Body of Christ, would realize that working together that the Body becomes one, and the Spirit moving among, around, and through them, will join them together and the world will be set ablaze with the Holy Spirit’s fire.






Suffering and Glory (Part II)

June 27, 2014

The second part of this statement is the best part !

“… Compared with the glory to be revealed for us ”


The consolation for the trials we experience in this life are connected to the glory that is to be revealed.  What does this mean for us ?  This is just a foretaste of the things we can expect.  In a cursory reading, some may find that the idea of this glory that will be coming is their heavenly reward, their mansion in Heaven on the streets of gold.

The problem with this concept is that , although our treasures maybe in Heaven, the focus with this type of reading is misplaced.  The glory that is to be revealed is not our own.  It is not the glory given to us for our trials and sufferings here.  Instead, the focus of a deeper reading is the Glory of God, that is yet to be revealed.  That glory is not confined to the realm of Heaven.  The glory , although not in its entirety, can shine forth here on Earth.

It shines forth in the little miracles we experience in everyday life.  It is revealed in our faith, in the conversion of souls.  It is revealed  to us in all creation, in all of life.   The question becomes what is the process of our revelation.  That revelation will come not only in the experience of Heaven, but also occurs in the processes of our own conversions.  As we learn more about our own faith and about God, we will have more of God’s glory revealed to us.  Not that His glory was not already there, but that our own perception of the world of God that we live within is something that is limited by our own human failings.

The revelation occurs like the blind man Jesus cured.  Your own conversion , your faith in God is the healing.  It is what allows the scales to fall from our eyes in that you may see clearly , and that the same small part of that glory can begin to be revealed in our lives !

My the peace of Our Lord reign in your hearts, and be shared throughout all the world !



Suffering and Glory ! (Part I)

June 20, 2014

“ The suffering of this present time are as nothing compared with the glory to be revealed for us.

For creation awaits with eager expectation the revelation of the children of God;

For creation was made subject to futility , not of its own accord but because of the One who subjected it in hope that creation itself would be set free from slavery to corruption and share in the glorious freedom of the children of God. ”


This reading  shares with us a message both of hope and of faith.  “ The sufferings of this present time are as nothing compared with the glory to be revealed for us “!  – What a beautiful thought.

We go through sufferings in this life.  Our brothers and sisters  are sick, homeless, hungry and a whole host of other crosses that we carry day to day.    Maybe your cross is your job, a family situation, a child, a spouse, or just life in general.


There is a man who spends his days longing for his earthly life to end.  He has a permanent disability so he walks with crutches.  He longs for  a new heavenly body and to see Jesus face to face.

While the end result is much what we might desire, the preface is wrong.

We can’t just go into a hospital and pul on a lab coat or scrubs with no training or education and say “ Hey, I am now a doctor, I need to do a surgery now !”.  It takes hard work, it stakes study, patience and endurance.  The same thing applies in this situation.


Our lives demand a lot from us.  We are born like a diamond that is just pulled from the earth.  Through a life of faith we clear away the dirt.  We are washed in the waters of Baptism and through the crosses that we bare , through our experiences, through our faith our lives are cut, and polished , this is the hard work.


We need to study !  The way we come to understand our faith, the way we come to know Jesus better the way that we get a deeper understanding not only of the history of our faith but its application in our lives, is to study.  Study the Bible !  Learn about the different people who live in those pages, the struggles they went though and how it is that the Lord spoke to them.  What Jesus said to them.  What did God teach them out their own situations ? Their lives ?  What was the faith lesson that was part of  the story ?


Insert yourself into the stories.  Can you understand the perspective of each person within the passage ?  Look at the surroundings and the circumstances.  We should be able to relate to the disciples, and others in the narratives and parables.

The hard work involved in this world. is the clearing away of the garbage.  It is the finding the diamond of our faith and the discovery of its beauty and the meaning it has for our lives.


The sufferings of this time, might be that, other in your life do not understand your faith, or are even disapproving of it.   For most , the biggest cross they carry is that as you learn more, and study more about your faith, the of our own interior flaws become apparent.  We can see our own imperfections and then begin anew the struggles and hard work of cutting away and polishing to remove those imperfections as they are revealed.


We struggle , we work hard, and we fail.  After some failing we become aware of our weaknesses , our human failings .  We are our own worst critics.  We have to recognize our failings , and make the amends and corrections, as best we are able and begin again.  There are two other points in this process, that are both the hardest and the most important, after seeking forgiveness from God and others, we need to forgive ourselves and seek the help of God in our struggle and work of fixing those flaws.

The other point is being able to recognize the same struggles in other people.  Our brothers and sisters are going through their own struggles and crosses.  We need to be able to understand  and look beyond the surface and to forgive them for any perceived or actual injuries, and help if we can.



Wrath ? – Canticle of Habakkuk – Part III

May 2, 2014

” In wrath you marched on the earth ,

In fury you trampled the nations you came forth to save your people , to save your anointed one.

You crushed the backs of the wicked,

You laid him bare bottom to neck,

You pierced his head with your shafts.

His princes you scattered with your wind storm,  as for food for the poor in unknown places.

You trampled the sea with your horses and the churning of the deep waters.”


This portion of the Canticle speaks to God’s wrath but also the idea of blessings of God in freeing the people of God.

It is important to know that in all the different points in the scriptures where wrath is noted, there are also some kind of blessings that follow.


Anger is a response to injustice, or abuse of something or some one.  Jesus became angry and let loose a little wrath on the money changers in the temple.

Ponder the possibility that this had been a common practice since before His childhood – So why at that point ?


There is a point where everyone who experiences these things need to stop and consider that Love is the rule.  Being “right” is not always the answer.

To be “right” to the point where the relationship or the possibility of a relationship ceases, should not be the answer.

Love means sacrifice. So in the heat of conflict give and take is required.  Dialogue is necessary to allow not only the possibility and room for the other person or group to explore your position, but to be open to exploring your own position , and in the process you both will most likely not only lean a bit about yourself, but about the others as well.

Wrath in he correct context has it is place.  When we pushed our parents limits , they tended to bring a little wrath into the house.  This was how it was that you might have learned that there were limits to what you could say or do.

God loves us, and He wants us to be happy.  Like our earthly parents whose love never ends, they teach us limits , rules , and also  possibilities for what they wished for us.

Just like good parents , we do not fear God.  We love Him, and we are thankful for all that he has done for us.  The blessings that we receive flow forth from God like a parent cares for their children and want the very best for them.

Receive each day as the gift from God that it is, and offer it back to him filled with service , love and glory  !





What kind of place could you build for me ?

October 22, 2009

This mornings reading from the Divine Office, is from Isaiah 66:1 ,  it reads as follows :

Thus says the Lord:
With heaven my throne
and earth my footstool,
what house could you build me,
what place could you make for my rest?
I recently had a discussion with one of my younger relatives who lamented a life in another city she thought was hard, but now percieves that her life now is more difficult.    Many years ago, my mother at a point of wisdom said to me,
” Life is a matter of perspectives”.    I never fully appreciated that sentiment until after I had gained a few years of wisdom and experiences.    I shared with my young relative that same bit of wisdom that my mother shared with me and I am sure that she will also need a few years of experiences before it will blossom in her mind.
I had a deep appreciation for creation.  I am a large proponent of  getting outdoors and experiencing the outdoors in all its glory and spendor.   Most people look at the outdoors and they see birds, trees, water, fish, critters and all sorts of animals and plants.  They recognize these things in their larger classifications and in domesticaled animals they find some greater familiarity.   But once you have the opportunity to look beyond  and see some of those things in greater detail, you develop a finer appreciation of the wonderful beauty and diversity of creation.
Once you look at all the vastness of creation, you can appreciate what Jesus was saying..   We build houses for God,
We find smaller places to put Him.     In a tabernacle, in a Pyx. yet it is impossible to contain Him in these places, as they are only places he dwells in part because of His love for us.   What house could we possibly build for him that would be more glorious, more ornate, more loving than creation ?  Can the gold leafing compare to the golden rays of the sun ?   Can the linens compare to the white clouds.. Can the paintings or stained glass compare to the colors painted on the sky at sunset ?
Still, we do these things.  We do them because we love God. and because we, the Body of Christ, the people need to gather, to pray, to share, to be nourished, and to love.  We prepare places for God here on earth, so much greater still is the place He prepared for us in heaven !