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The Morning Commute…

October 14, 2017

I wanted to share with you all something that was one of those epiphanal moments that occurred to me recently.

As many of you know, I take a city bus to work for part of my daily journey, and then a walk that takes me another distance to get to my office. Recently, our fair city decided to make changes to the time schedule that the buses run on, but in addition, to the routes that the buses run on. this was of course touted as a change to better serve the patrons and make the travels more efficient.

In the end run, at least for me, it means a longer commute, and I must leave my house earlier, the buses are more cowded, and are standing room only already. So, this has not been an improvement. Pretty much no one that forced into these changes along the journey that I take, has been happy with those changes, and ultimately has meant more delays, and more missed connections, often by minutes, meaning between another 30 to 60 minutes of waiting until the next bus.

Now, yesterday I found myself sitting at approximately the midway point in my journey, after a missed connection, where I had about 30 minutes to sit and wait for the next bus. While I was waiting, the sun was just beginning to dawn over the horizon, and paint the sky in beautiful shades of reds, blues and gray hues. I could not help but to stop and watch the beauty of creation dawn, and how I became part of that scene. There was an older gentleman who was sitting across from me on the bus, who mentioned that he saw me praying my Divine Office, and he said to me in a thick Hispanic accent,

” I see you this morning making your devotions.. it is nice to see a young person doing that… ”

We left the conversation there.. as we both enjoyed the beauty of the sunrise.

As the time moved onward, and the beauty that was before us unfolded, I could not help but become drawn in to the moment. That reverie was periodically interupted by moments of mental awareness that i ought to be trying to keep an eye out for the bus that would be coming soon. Eventually, I allowed myself to return to the reverie of being taken in to the moments of simple thankfulness, and beauty,and awe, that were being unfolded before me.

During one of those moments that I forced myself out of peaceful observance, I noted that pretty much no one except the older gentleman and I , were taking the time to appreciate this awesome experience. Instead , most of my fellow travelers, who were on their way to work, were busy looking down the road we had just traveled , looking for the next connection, the next bus… the next part of the journey, or they were looking at down the road, to the place we would be traveling when their next bus arrived.

At this point, while my gaze fell back towards the rising sun, I could not help but consider that this moment in time, this little spec on the timeline of life, held within it a microcosm, of our existance on this earthly plane. We spend a good deal of time, either looking backward, at the points in life we have traveled, and possibly taking stock in the life we have lived or the decisions we have made. The other side, is that while some people are looking backward, The other group is looking forward , towards the future.

Both of these views can, in and of themselves, be both good or bad. They are good because we should take some time to review where we are in relation to where we have come from. It can be bad if we spend too much time dwelling there, in some lamentations, or sorrows. In the same way, looking forward, making plans, and having a direction that is directed towards God is time well spent. Spending too much time in what might be considered the “dreamers world ” in what might be or could be can also be dangerous.

Too much time in either place, keeps you from enjoying the presence of God in your life, the present of THIS moment. The ability to stop and appreciate a moment of pure joy, of pure beauty.

Brothers and Sisters, the human race spends so much time in these things that we miss the sunrises in our lives. Possibly, you might consider that our very lives are like the path of the sun, there is beauty in each stage, Not only should we stop and appreciate the sunrise, but as we approach our fellow brothes and sisters, we should stop and appreciate the SONrise, in each soul..

May God give you the gift of His peace !!


We Must Pray More Often Thank We Draw Breath !

November 21, 2015


“We must pray more often than we draw breath” ( St. Gregory of NazianzusOra.- Theo -27,1,4 : Pg36, ccc#2697)

Prayer is such a very intricate and integral part of who we are and what we are as Children of God that we just can not live a life of faith without it.  It is impossible for us to ” love God with all our hearts, minds, souls, and strength without it.

In the Catechism it shares this ” THe acts of faith, hope and charity enjoined by the first commandment are accomplished in prayer.  Lifting up the mind toward God is an expression of our adoration of God : prayer is an indispensable condition for being able to obey God’s commandments.  ” We ought to always pray and not loose heart” ( Luke 18:1) – CCC: 2098.
We need to be observant of life or students of the world around us.  As you might be aware, in recent years there is a certain amount of reclusion that has occured due to the advent of the “electronic age”. This causes people to retreat into their electronic devices for several reasons.   Sometimes, to is entertain the mind while they are waiting for time to pass to go from one place and another, or one event and another.  Many retreat into these devices purely for social interaction with others who they find some accord.   There are still more who retreat into their electronic coccoon in order to avoid others, to feel safe and  unchallenged, or unafraid.

All you have to do to see this phenominon, is to take public transportation across town.   It is interesting to watch people who either enter with headphones already plugged in and are blissfully unaware of what is going on around them.  No one has the opportunity to interact with them, short of physically tapping them on the shoulder or if they happen to be looking in that direction, waving them down.   Even within an initial interaction, they again retreat, reconnecting to that world in which they do not wish to partake in.  They can then fill their heads, their consciousness with the “white noise” of their choice, successfully avoiding the rest of the world.
Before we become too awefully judgemental of these brothers and sisters let us take a moment to consider “the plank” in our own eye, particularly in the area of prayer.

While watching this phenominon while taking a bus trip, I pondered how much our prayer life mimics this sort of behavior.  How it is that possibly you might go get on the church “bus”. You plan on going, you walk in, you do all the obligatory social interactions during the trip in, you arrive just in time to page through the missalette and find the appropriate hymns and readings and responsory etc. just before the celebration begins.

There it is !  The “white noise” of the entrance, and that follows with the “show” of the Mass. You know what to say, the gestures to make, and if someone waves you down, if you happen to be looking that way during the Sign of peace, you might interact for a second or two, and then get plugged back in.  More of the “noise”.

There comes that uncomfortable silence after communion, but not too long… the last bit of music and then your done.. and you can “get off the bus” and plug into the next bit of noise in the world that takes you away.  The big game.. the chores… meals.. what ever it is.. that is the next focus and the rest of the world creeps in and take over until you get back in this “bus” again next week ? !

IN the coming week or so, I am going to take a look into our prayer lives.. where we start, where we are and where we should or at least could be heading.   As a Franciscan, we have a rather unique perspective on prayer and its branches and practices.  I look forward to sharing some of these with you all.

May God give you the gift of His Peace !