A Walk in the Garden – Part I

Accursed be the soil because of you,

With suffering shall you get your food from it

everyday of your life.

With sweat on your brow , shall you eat your bread

until you return to the soil as you were taken from it…

for dust you are, and dust you shall return…”

(Genesis 3:17-19 )

So it is that this poor brother, took on the task at hand. With little knowledge and great enthusiasm beginning with prayer and the idea that there would be a harvest at the end of this great work that was to begin.

The soil here is sandy extremely fine, and does not hold water to say the least. I suppose this is the place where confession begins. I really love all of creation. I really have not held a love in my heart for yard work of any sort that would require spending time in the hot sun. So much so that I can promise that in nearing 20 years my yard has never one time been raked . Grass is cut and it stays exactly where it falls. Ditto for weeds. Clippings all the rest of it. Little did I understand that this would actually be beneficial for the soil I was going to use.

I had ZERO idea about what I was doing, and after watching all those gardening videos, I got some ideas. I really had no clue. I knew that in practical terms I needed to plant the things that I would eat. So, for an initial attempt we decided on corn, beans, zucchini and watermelon.

If you ever want to learn something, I mean really learn something well, then there will be a vast amount of trial and error while you are learning what ever it is. If you want to check out the Lord’s sense of humor.. tell Him what your plans are.

I spent the following couple of days digging garden beds in the back yard. I had no tools but a shovel a hoe and my hands. The hoe was not a great deal of help.. so I dug and got into the dirt with my hands being sure the dirt was loose and I had gotten out all those nasty roots from various weeds and trees in the yard. Needless to say I got plenty of sweat on my brow before there was any bread involved.

Everything was successful in getting planted in one manner or other. It might not have been pretty to look at in its current state, but all of the major work was done.

In the end, it felt good to do some physical labor, there was satisfaction in knowing I had done a good days work..

Like many our spiritual lives, we start out like the garden before it is tilled and worked. Things can be a real mess. The weeds like sin, that found their way into our lives, and were initially left unchecked, set out to leave our souls in a state of disarray. God takes the crisis and the turmoil in our lives and sets us to work in the garden of our worlds..

The work is not fun and we may indeed suffer from the neglect initially. Eventually, our hearts become prepared , and seeds of faith planted there. The pains we experience in our lives are like the shovels of dirt, turned over. Like our lives may feel like they are being turned upside down. God works with us in this way. Preparing our hearts planting the seeds with love and tenderness.

There is plenty of work to be done… more digging… more seeds…

If we give ourselves to His Holy will, the Master Gardener, will plant seeds and fill us with every good thing. There is still a lot of work to be done..

Until next time.. May God give you the gift of His peace !

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