We Are Like Those Trees…

We are like those trees….

I was walking to Mass yesterday and as I entered onto the church property, there were some trees that were on the side of the church, that ran behind the small school that sits there. One of the things that is always a joy is taking time to notice the beauty of creation going from place to place. Some of it is hard to miss. You might think.

Consider that each day, you get up and go to work. You tend to go through those same paces , do the same things to get ready. You get your coffee, you have breakfast, go to work, come home, eat dinner and go to bed and start it all over again. To some degree there can be a mind numbing process to it all and then one day you wake up and wonder where all the time went and what you might have missed while you were doing all of those things.

The beauty of creation is all around you. Even in midst of chaos. There too is beauty, like many other things, it is our perception that needs a little practice.

Anyway, back to my walk….

There is a hedge, and trees between the church property and a small auto repair garage that sits next door. and usually there are birds that sit in the trees and sing, Yesterday my attention was drawn initially to a bush was growing it was not trimmed or manicured, it was growing naturally there and I noted that the branches were full of these tiny red berries. I found myself wondering what type of plant it was, and if the berries were edible or not, or if they were poisonous. It also occurred to me that possibly I had the same thought about that particular bush, and that I had taken a picture of the bush, but got busy with other points of life that I never got around to researching the answer.

The next thing were the trees. There were trees on the side of the property and those trees were older trees, and I noted that since these trees grew not far from utility wiring, During their lifetime these trees bore the marks where their branches had been cut to keep them away from those utility wires. These were trees that were not full, as they might have been if they had grown in another location, but they carried the marks of life and grew into majestic trees, still providing value with its life.

We are each like these trees. We grew where our seeds began, and we carry with us the marks of our very human existence, places where parts of us either fell or were cut away by the things that have happened in our lives. As we have grown we have been witness to life in our corners of the world.

Young or mature, we receive the bounty of God’s abundant graces. We learn as we grow.

I would invite you to spend time each day trying to perceive the beauty in creation each day, You will begin to see the Creator in His Creation. This creation includes our brothers and sisters. Like those trees, there is beauty in life at every stage, from conception until death, and every part in between. The more you look, the more you will see.

May God give you the gift of His peace !


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