For Unto Us Is Born This Day…

For Unto Us Is Born This Day…

In extreme poverty, and after long days of hard labors and travel , in complete exhaustion, and having searched for some degree of comfort , or warmth from their travels, having found no measure of that comfort, save for the necessity of the scant shelter of a stable, a barn did our Lord and savior come to us.

In some portions of the world it is already Christmas Day. Where I am it is yet still Christmas Eve.
Traditions are a little different in different parts of the world for what is done to celebrate, possibly you have presents on Christmas eve, or Christmas Day, or possibly you wait until Epiphany, or possibly not at all.

Possibly, you have family to celebrate with, or possibly you have no one to celebrate with, and are on your own. For many, Christmas is a difficult time of year due to family strains, or loss. Possibly you might consider that there is no one to celebrate with. In my little corner of the globe there are a group of folk musicians who have holiday celebrations for those who are traveling through, or who do not have anyone to celebrate with, to go and join them in celebrating the holidays. They have a big pot luck meal, and spend the night in fellowship.
There are many in our world that have nothing, and also do not have the ability to give any sort of lavish gifts or material finery of grand celebration or decoration. Some by choice, others by necessity.

In your life, possibly you are tired from your labors. You are weary of the world outside your door. You might not feel like you have strength to move forward, sort of numbly going through the motions of your daily plights. You have not as of late found creature comforts to make things easier, or maybe you are still trying to just make your way through the world. You travel on through life, attempting to be successful in the worlds view and you expend a good amount of energy just tread water.
It is in this time of year, in both Advent, and in the Christmas season that the Church invites us to both rest and renew. It is a time for us to at least spiritually, mentally, emotionally take time out of our lives to consider the paths that we are all on. To consider the direction of our lives, our relationships.

It is interestingly, a time when, like for many who visit family, take the time out to come to Church. For those who usually only show up to church two or three times a year. It’s a challenge. They come to church to celebrate, to experience a memory… a connection… to people, and to God. A few will recognize that the thing they are searching for is not really so much familiarity, or tradition, but it truly is God that they seek.
There are many who will say that there is “no room at the Inn” of their hearts for God. There will also be those who do not recognize God, and so their path is trod on in way that is oblivious to the miracles that are going on around them or why they occur.

In the paths of our lives possibly we too, sometimes are oblivious to the miracles, or we are oblivious to the ones who are the holy family, or the holy infants in our midst. For as we know, and recognize, that we are the bearers of Christ to those in the world. We have the guides in the works of mercy, that will give us directions, to show us what we are to look for, but it is life experiences, and the wisdom that is the gift of the Holy Spirit that is the educator that points out to us where we can actually see the opportunities for Christ to shine through us.

In our daily lives, just like in many of the scripture stories and parables that we know, we can, at different points in our lives, see ourselves in each of the people, each of the personalities, each of the lives of the people involved. We are the Innkeeper, who has no room, maybe nothing we are able to offer. We are Joseph… just making our way, providing for our family , trying to just do what is right. We are Mary.. working to do what the Lord asks, trying to make the lives of others easier, while knowing what is right in the sight of God, but it is not always easy or comfortable, and quite challenging at times
Maybe we are the owner of the stable, we don’t have much, but we can do what we can. In this story however, the players I sometimes find most interesting are the Three Wise Men. Sometimes , if we are wise, we recognize God where he is. We travel to church, (both the building and the people) and share in the adoration of the Christ Child and bring our gifts to share… our time, talents, and treasures… and leave them for the Lord, and go forth to love and serve God in one another.

This season, I would encourage each of us to take the time to consider our journey, to consider the others who cross our paths, consider the Holy Family in our midst, and within our own lives.

Mostly, I want to thank each and every one of you for spending the time to read and share what you find on these pages, and for being part of our shared community and prayer lives. I wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas, and a blessed New Year.
May God give you the gift of His peace!


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5 Responses to “For Unto Us Is Born This Day…”

  1. SaintlySages Says:

    Merry Christmas, Brother Bear! Pax et Bonum and God’s blessings in the years ahead.

  2. Allison Hinde Says:

    Merry Christmas and A Blessed New Year. Thank you for sharing. I hope you continue to do in 2017. I hope all remember what St Francis did for Christmas. Also some people have poverty in the mind , soul or heart and not the pocketbook

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