Blessed are the Meek…

” Blessed are the meek,

for they will inherit the land ” ( Matthew 5: 5)

Great ! Who are they, and why do they get to inherit the land ? More over, why did Jesus include this part of the scriptures ? Why was it important ?

First, we have to remember, that the Beatitudes, were part of a sermon Jesus preached, particularly aimed at the disciples. The audience, in any manner, in public speaking is important.

OK , you say.. but the disciples were already people of good heart, and faithful…. and your right.
Lets backtrack a bit to the first question. Who are the meek ?

Meekness is the fine art of attempting to master ones own head and heart. I say attempting because this is a life long journey. To sift through ones heart. To work at being able to be “less” in ones own estimation. To be able to allow Jesus to be more in our lives. In order to allow Jesus to be more, we have to be willing to be less in our own hearts and minds.

In order to be less, we have to work at allowing Jesus to be in the forefront of our relationships with other people. Jesus needs to be what it is that others see when they look, and interact with you. For them to see Jesus in us, we need to be willing to be accepting, and welcoming, when our human mind might be less so. We need to be able to calm the storm that rages in our hearts and in our minds, in order to see more clearly the view of the other person. We need to be able to hold love in our hearts, while the storms of life rage around us. We need to be humble in our own estimation and lift up our brothers and sisters around us.

The road to meekness is like an old country dirt road, full of pot holes, that are the result of being pummeled by the rains of the storms of life, and oppression of the vehicles of life that have run over its length. Of course, you can use the road. Of course it will get you to the destination. You will however, have to pay attention to what your doing. You will need to check your navigation from time to time to make sure that you don’t slide off the road while avoiding those pot holes.

Jesus included this particular lesson on meekness and humility, and used this language, because
it is something that the disciples would have know well. In the book of Genesis, while Abram and Lot were discussing which one would claim land for their possessions and tents for their cattle to graze etc. Abram in meekness went to Lot and said, that the land was big enough for them both, and said to Lot, that he could choose the land he wanted first. Lot chose the Jordan plains and Abram chose took the area of Canaan that was left. Abram built an altar and praised God. and God said to Abram, Look all around where you are toward the north, and the south, toward the east and west. All the land within sight I will give to you and your descendants forever. I will make your descendants like the dust on the ground when men succeed in counting the specks of dust on the ground then they will be able to count your descendants”. ( Gen13: 11:17 ) In the Psalms it also says ” A little longer, the wicked will be no more, search his place well, he will not be there; but the humble shall have the land for their own to enjoy untroubled peace” ( Psalm 37:10) .

One of the paradoxes in our earthly life is that while we go through the challenges in this life, time just seems to crawl. At the same time however, time moves quickly. It passes and once we become adults, and start to make our way in this world, time just flys by and before you know it the time left to you is short.

Meekness is an important virtue for us to work on as disciples of Christ, for a few reasons. We need to first work on the splinter in our own eye, that is our pride, our luke warmness, our temperments.
At the same time it is important because the first testimony that we give to others about our lives of faith, others receive by observing how it is that we live our lives.

Saint Francis said ” Preach at all times, and when necessary use words ” .

May God give you the gift of His peace !


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3 Responses to “Blessed are the Meek…”

  1. SaintlySages Says:

    Another excellent post, Brother! I do look forward to reading them and re-reading them each week. I was puzzled, however, by the quotation “Preach at all times….” I could not find it among the Saint’s writings. Perhaps it is one of those sayings that have come to be misattributed to him over the years, like the “Peace Prayer,” which apparently first appeared in 1912 in the French magazine La Clochette. In any case, Pax et Bonum! and God bless!

  2. brbearsfo Says:

    Thank you for your kind words. In fact it was your blog that got me reading again.. Your postings from “Consolation of the Devout Soul” were the perfect kick starter to get me back into the habit of reading some great spiritual classics.

    As for the quotation, I will have to go back and find the source, It is the story of Francis and one of the friars who was anxious to go preach in the town they were visiting. They went through the town greeting all and performing acts of kindness, and at the end of the day, the young friar who was anxious to preach with Saint Francis asked when they were going to start preaching.. The response was ” we already have… and then the “preach at all times ” quote came there.. I will; however attempt to find a more accurate source..

    Pax et Bonum !

  3. Allison Hinde Says:

    Thank you for sharing. Meekness is not always a bad thing. Listening to others as they talk and doing your own way instead of bullying others into doing what you want them to do is a lot better

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