Blessed are They Who Mourn…

Blessed are They Who Mourn…

“Blessed are they who mourn, for they will be comforted “ ( Matthew 5:4 )

It is easy to consider this part of the Beatitudes to be fairly self explanatory. However, mourning is never an easy thing, or necessarily clear. Sure, there has been laid out for us all those “Stages of Grief” to try and gauge where someone else is, or even where we are, in our mourning processes. It does not really view this process in relation to ones faith. In fact, with this type of mourning, the only place where God is brought into the “clinical” understanding is at the stage of Bargaining.

All of that version of mourning, deals with the loss of a loved one, and more recently, a pet. Mourning has a great deal of other facets. We also mourn the loss of relationships, jobs, pretty much everything that has to do in connections of any type with other people.

What is vastly more important, is our relationship with God. We as humans suffer from our own human weaknesses, and frailties.

We are blessed with free will. This means we can choose to do what we like, whenever we like. However, there are, of course, consequences to our actions. God has given us rules to live our lives by, and when we sin, whether in a big or smaller way, it damages our relationship with God.

At times, there might be a time when you hear a parable, or a scripture passage, or homily, or sermon, or just reading some spiritual work, where it becomes clear to you, that at different points in your life, or in your day, that you failed.

Welcome to the club ! Congratulations you are human ! However, this does not mean we get to throw up our hands, and just say “ This is all just part of life, I didn’t do anything worse than other people have done.. So I’m fine !” Your not fine ! You still have to go through the process of understanding what you did, and what caused you to do that thing, whatever that was, and to have a contrite heart, being sorry for the sins where you failed, confess those sins, and then make amends where you can, and work to work on fixing those human failings that caused the issues to begin with.

In other words you need to go through a mourning process, where you actually mourn the results of the sin, the loss of the relationship with the people involved, the damage done, to your own soul, and to the relationship with God. You have to deal with the consequences.

The good news is that Jesus tells us, if we go through this process, we too will be comforted. We will be comforted and He has provided for this not only through the Sacrament of Reconciliation, but also through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit, font of wisdom, that enlightens our hearts to holy reason and fans the flame that lights the fire of our souls…

Blessed indeed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted, and indeed they will grow in faith !

May God give you the gift of His peace !


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One Response to “Blessed are They Who Mourn…”

  1. P J Chalmers Says:

    Amen.  Brother. Amen. And I have been consoled. And, HE SAID “LET THERE BE PEACE”, AND THERE IS PEACE. Pat BTW, Transitus this morning was beautifully done … As was our Communion Service for the nursing home residents.  And, our short time of refreshing, fraternal sharing.  Thanks again Mark … Now I must go tend to a splinter in my eye.  So,Pax et Bonum, Pat Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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