Normally we consider faithfulness something that belongs to our spouses, or a particular person… and it is , but it is also a great deal more.

Faithfulness is all about relationships and ideas. It has to do with faith, loyalty, trust, standards, assurances and truth.

Faithfulness in our relationships should have their beginnings and entire journey, as with all things, seated firmly with God. For God is the hallmark of faithfulness. He is the standard of faithfulness. Our relationships with our spouses, our family, our friends, in fact all of our relationships have a certain bond of faithfulness in how we carry out that relationship.

In marriage, family and friendship, our relationship of faithfulness is born forth from the love we carry in our hearts for the other. It is the an abiding, and enduring relationship that withstands the tests of hardships, time, distance, injury, or dryness.
The marriage relationship in particular, carries with it a faithfulness that reaches beyond those of friendship and other relationships because of the nature of the relationship, Marriage is the bonding of hearts, souls, and flesh into one. That bonding is accomplished through God, so there is a three fold relationship of this faithfulness, between the Husband, the wife, and God.

Faithfulness also is present in our relationships in our public life. We are faithful in our relationships in business. To be honest about our relationship with others, in whatever our relationship is, with our company, with our customers, with co-workers.
Our faithfulness in our business relationships means that we are worthy of trust and that faithfulness, again, springs forth from our relationship with God.

Faithfulness is not just about loyalties. It more about a living truth, and an abiding covenant relationship with God and with others. Holding yourself to a standard. That standard can be a number of things. It is a standard of living a good and moral life.
It is trying to be a good and faithful, Christian. For those who are part of an order, or who have taken Holy Orders, it is about living the rule that we profess.

Faithfulness is about being genuine. You hold yourself in a place where you try to be true to your faith, to promises made, to the relationships you have entered into. It is about making difficult decisions that are held to the measure of those ideals. At times it may be not only holding ourselves to those standards, but reminding others of those standards.

It is not always easy by human standards to be faithful, but with the grace of God and assistance of the Holy Spirit, We ascend the heights of faithfulness. Faithfulness is the reason why it is that the martyrs were able to give their lives in testament to the faith. It is the reason why when we in our human-ness fail, that we can pick ourselves up and move onward.

Finally faithfulness does not mean we will not fail. It also does not mean that there will not be trials and hardships, pain or sorrows. It means that we will however have the tools we need to overcome those issues. It means that we will be given the grace to know that what we do in our efforts to be faithful to those relationships will bear fruit in our lives.

Faithfulness is a gift, a grace, it can be the source of trials,yes, but those trials are also a grace, and a blessing. It is through those challenges we face that God works with us, and we are able to grow in our faith. It also gives us the opportunity to share, and to minister to others who may also be struggling.

Though all the peoples walk, each in the name of its god, We will walk in the name of the LORD, our God, forever and ever” (Micah 4:5

May God give you the gift of His peace !


2 Responses to “Faithfulness…”

  1. SaintlySages Says:

    A sacramental marriage that excludes God from the sacred partnership is like a two-legged piano stool.

    Pax et Bonum

  2. Allison Hinde Says:

    I think it is more than a gift. It is something that needs to be worked on. If you do not practice being faithful, you can easily lose the special thing you are trying to keep.

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