Merriam-Webster says that the definition of “Generosity” is :
“the quality of being kind, understanding, and not selfish : the quality of being generous; especially : willingness to give… valuable things to others” (

The part of this definition that caught my eye was at the end.. a willingness to give valualble things to others.

As with the other fruits of the Holy Spirit, generosity emminates from love. The love of God for us, and the love we are to share with our brothers and sisters.

The corporal and spiritual works of mercy are not things that emminate from us as brothers and sisters, it is love we receive from God, and is diffused the church, through the brothers and sisters, in love and in generosity.

We are called to perform these spiritual and corporal works of mercy, not because they are works that we originate and offer up, quite the contrary. These actions have their origin in God. Our brothers and sisters in an act of free will give ascent to Gods command to share His love and His graces with all people.

Primary amongst these calls is what is called the “Great Commision”, that we are to go forth and share our faith with ALL people and ALL nations. This command is supreme in our human acts of love and generosity.

Consider how great a gift your faith is for you, for your family, for friends and neighbors. Consider the graces and blessings that have flowed forth in acts of love, kindness, and generosity.

Greatly you have received, and therefore great things are expected of you. You received the great gift of your faith, “the pearl of great price” and then Jesus said to take this great gift and share it with the world.

You were given the gift of the greatest love possible, the love of God. God in His mercy
only asks of us to share that love, not only with Him, but to be the channel of that love and mercy and blessing.

The sin of greed is great, but it is not insurmountable. For God has blessed us and crowned us with with kingship, he has blessed us as priests to go out and carry His message.

You do not have to be a great orator, or preacher, or even do grand acts on the greatest of scales.. The only thing God asks is that you do even little things with great love.

The greatest love is that of loving and serving God, and fulfilling God’s will for us
in the service of Him towards our brothers and sisters.

Saint Francis said ” Preach at all times, and when necessary use words”. Notice that the words come AFTER action. Our service towards our brothers and sisters is always first in order, if our actions fail to suffice, or once the work has been done, speak with the words of God.

May God give you the gift of His peace… and generosity !


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