Peace and All Good !

Peace and All Good !
This is a greeting we Franciscans use quite regularly in our daily lives.
But do we really consider what it is that we are saying, or what it is that we mean when we say it ?

What exactly is peace after all ?  Is there really peace at all ?  ever ?

The worldly view of peace, is when there is no war, no fighting, no clash of people from a diverse background.  but is that really peace ?

In our humanity, we might consider that peace comes about during those infinitely short periods of time, when we are not feeling the pressures of work, or our relationships, or getting from one place to another or any of a whole host of other issues what plague our daily life.

But is it really peace ?…. really ?

During those times when the quite invades, and we are given some relief from the pressures and sufferings or trappings of our world, Do we not spend time worrying about
how we are to spend that time ?  Where we are to go, or what we are to do, in order to try to extract the maximum possible enjoyment or relaxation out of that little bit of time we have ?

Do we not worry or think on the amount of time we have left, what we can do in it, or avoid in it to the best of our abilities ?

In the times when there is absolute quiet and we have time to quite the mind, is it not
some of the other problems of the world that creep in and beckon us to sort through it to find resolution that is best over the circumstances ?

John 14- 27  “Peace, I bequeath to you, my own peace I give you, the peace the world can not give , this is my gift to you.  Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid.  ”

To spite these things that push in on us, and even in the most quiet of times, God beckons us.. He calls us to come to the quiet of peace.

It is not that we will not be standing in the storm of life and remain untouched.  It is not that things will not happen to us that will effect us.. or touch us deeply.   It is not that we will be free from pain or sorrow at all.    Quite the opposite.

It is more that we will experience these things even more greatly, and within that experience, we will come to the knowledge that we have faith in a loving, caring God who
has our best interests at heart, and who will see us safely through the storms of life,
what ever those might be.

It is because we already know that God has won the victory of the things of this earth, and so its only left to us to walk confidently through the storm knowing that everything will be fine, and we will be better and stronger for it all.

It is because God will use us, and we will be a possibly unknowing example to others and a testimony to our own faith in God.  Each and every person, each with their own story, their own crosses, their own journey, will be further testimony to the truth…
Just because you falter, or stumble, or fail is not a failure, it is the mark of learning, it is the spiritual battle scar, that tells of your journey in your very human existence.  We all fall.. the question is what is it that you will do next.

In order to stand tall, you get your bearings, to get to your knees in prayer, and then you stand up tall knowing that you are a child of God, and you walk, to carry on with the mission that we all have.

What is that mission ?  To know God… To love God… To serve God.. in holiness and peace, and to bring our brothers and sisters with us until the day comes when we can stand before God, in His heavenly kingdom and hear those words ” Well done, good and faithful servant..”

May God give you the gift of His peace !


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