Power is Made Perfect in Weakness…

Power is Made Perfect in Weakness…

“My grace is sufficient for you, for power is made perfect in weakness.” I will rather boast most gladly of my weaknesses, in order that the power of Christ may dwell with me”  2 Corinthians 12:9

Hardships are part of life.  There is no gettings around it.. life is tuff.    There is that part of us who desire a life that is easy.
A softer life where you don’t have to struggle, or you don’t have to work so hard, or possibly at all.   The fact of the matter is even if those things were removed from you, there would still be struggles, and hardships.  They would just be different from what they were before.

There is an old joke where this man is dragging around his cross, that the Lord had given him.  One day, the man drug his cross over the Lord and said…
” Lord, I just don’t like this cross you gave me… it’s too hard, its heavy.. I  just dont want this one.. can I get another one ?”  The Lord said,” You’re in luck !…. It just so happens that my cross shop is open right over there.  Go in there and look around and pick one out.”

So the man goes in to the shop and he tries one out.. “oh no.. this one is too heavy”…..” Oh no that one is too short”… ” oh no this one has too many edges.. I’ll get splinters from that”…. Finally…. the man spies an old cross in the corner.. he goes over and tosses it over his shoulder, and tests it out.. “Hey…. I’ll take this one!” he says to the Lord…..

The Lord said to the man…. ” Good that was the one I gave you in the first place..!”.

It is interesting how in this world, people tend to push their children towards lives where they are Doctors… or lawyers.. or Business owners.  All of those are higher paying careers, and where they will be well off, and hopefully well respected by the people in the community for the work that they do.  So are those people who do not become some of those higher paying careers failures or somehow “less” ?

The world looks at people in a different way than does God.

Each person is blessed with gifts.  ALL people, no matter who they are endowed with gifts of some type or other.  These gifts are all given to us not for us to own, or directly benefit from.  They are given to us as a trust, as something not for us to hold on to and gain from, but to give glory to God, and for the benefit of our brothers and sisters.

Consider for a moment that not everyone was meant to do extraordinary feats or to gain the crown of martyrdom, or to be a public example on a wide stage to be a visible example to others in a huge way.  Instead, most of us are meant to use and share our gifts in little ways, working out the hardships of our lives in quiet solitude working away at the daily work of our own sanctity.

Every person… EVERY PERSON is called to a life of sanctity.  That sanctity is carried out in the personal struggles of attempting to mold our own will, into the will of the Father.

It’s a struggle.  It is easy to fall at times into that very human thought process of trying to be better, wishing that we could be better than we are, trying to be more holy, trying to be great in the eyes of God.    This is where we err.   We are already children of God.  The thing that God wants from us is to work out our daily lives, in the pursuit of the formation of our own wills.

We have struggles, for which we should be thankful.  Most often, these are periods of time when God is trying to work with us.   Possibly it is something He is trying to teach us, or possibly using us to teach something to someone near to us.    Consider this… for people who have some little seed of faith, when difficulties come, there eventually comes a time when in their hearts we all sit down and begin to search our hearts and minds, and we turn to God for assistance.  Some will say ” Lord, take this away from me…. ”  or others will say ” Lord, why is this happening…?”

Now, if your like me, there is never that huge neon road side sign that says ” Hey.. I am trying to teach you (THIS)…” or ” Hey… I have been trying to get you to realize that you need to do  (THIS)”.    I never get those …. how about you ?

Maybe at these points you feel tired… helpless…. and weak, unable to do anything but trod through the problem and suffer.  GREAT !

We are never so powerful in our when we feel helpless and understand that in those times is when it is that God is working both with us, and through us for our brothers and sisters.  Others see what you’re going through.  They will understand, and they will learn.  The most important part is that like St. Paul,
Your weaknesses, your struggles, your efforts at conforming your life to the will of God, will ultimately give glory to His name, and your reward in Heaven will be so much greater than anything you would receive on this earthly plane.

It does not matter what job you do to earn your daily bread.  ALL work is pleasing to GOd, IF, your will is conformed to His will, and you use the conditions and opportunities of your job, and the other areas of your life to give glory to His name !

Those who were given gifts that cause them to be in higher levels of society have an even greater responsibility to be stewards of those gifts not for their own benefits, but for the benefit of their brothers and sisters.  They must pray for wisdom, strength and perseverance in order that they are able to fulfill their duty as stewards of those gifts.

The daily renewed struggle of working at our own sanctity is the greatest gift of weakness, that reminds us that we all struggle, and we are all children of the Most High.

May God give you the gift of His peace..


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2 Responses to “Power is Made Perfect in Weakness…”

  1. kwdavis3696@gmail.com Says:

    simply awesome. well said. thank you for sharing your heart and an astute wisdom. pax et bonum!

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