Change… You Can’t Run From It !

Change… You Can’t Run From It.

There are many people who go through different changes, either by choice or necessity.

What ever the reason is initially, you might find yourself in a place where you would like to leave your past behind. You might not want to acknowledge what happened or even desire to deal with the “old” life, you had before.

You may not have had a choice in what your history was. Possibly you had a choice and made a choice that was less than perfect. In truth, everyone has either found themselves in that situation or will before long.

Lets take the example of Paul. Paul spent his days persecuting and killing and making the lives of Christians miserable, and then spent his nights considering how to do it better.

God however had some different plans. In 9th Chapter of the Acts of the Apostles we have a front and center view of what happens to Saul, when things got out of hand. He gets hit by lightning, he looses his eyesight and goes without food and drink for 3 days , as a little wake up call .

When he gets his eyesight back he gets the picture, gets himself together and changes his ways in a really big way. A total change of pace for him.

Sometimes the wake up call is a bit more leisurely. Take for instance the parable of the Prodigal Son. The son demands his inheritance and goes out to make his way in the world and eventually after life wears on him and he looses his possessions, he is forced to work as a servant. He goes through all kinds of degradation of humiliation.

Eventually, he swallows his pride, and makes his way home, where he begs to be put back to work as a servant by his father, who, as we know, throws a celebration in honor of his return.

Basically, in both of these cases, and for each of us, we find that changes and challenges are part of life.
They are either immediate or gradual, and the only real choice we have concerning them is what we do with them, and ourselves.

The challenge is to embrace those things that we either have done, or happened in our lives , in a spirit of growth. We are challenged and called to constant conversion. Conversion of mind and heart.

The Catechism reminds us ( CCC # 1426-1428) that there 2 conversions we are called to. The initial conversion where the heart turns to God. It is usually that place in our lives where the light comes on in that dramatic way and we “get it”. But there is also a second conversion, the conversion of growth, and daily work.

This is not unlike a the sacramental marriage. There is the wedding day… That is the celebration to beginning of a new life together. It is indeed a joyous occasion, and it finds its fulfillment with God as its center. That is, however, just the beginning of a lifetime of work.

Those changes we want to make in our lives, those desires, those yearnings, are a call from God to conversion. The changes we want to make, to get away from something, or to go towards something, are really just a beckoning or a call from God for us to examine where we are in our spiritual lives and calls us to conversion. It falls to us, to look beyond the surface, to find those areas of our heart and soul that need a spring cleaning.

Don’t worry, you will go through some failures in this journey. It is part of the process. Like a marriage there are joys and there are sorrows, challenges and celebrations. This is how it is, but there is always the next challenge, there is always an area we can work on.

It is important that you not become discouraged ! Do not loose hope ! Like a craftsman, or musician there are always new areas to explore, new techniques to test and develop. Our lives should be a journey of love and celebration of God, for God , and towards God.

Living the changes, growing through the changes, and helping and loving others through the changes, is the best possible journey of change we can live.

May God give you the gift of His peace !


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