Strength In Our Journey

Strength in our journey….

As many of you know, I take the bus everywhere I go. In the city where I live it is not by any means an efficient mode of transportation.
It takes me nearly two and a half hours to get to my office and another two and a half to get back home again. The distance is about 12 miles.
which if I were to take a car would take me approximately 45 minutes, depending on traffic.

I tend to fill the time that I have taking the bus, in prayer, and in observation of the people who both take the bus, and those who pass by.
It really is quite educational and enlightening.

There are people who ride the bus, who mostly plug into their individual electronic devices because they have no desire what so ever to interact with
their fellow passengers. This electronic affliction is not age specific or gender specific, race specific, or even time specific. It just appears that
no one wishes to communicate if they dont absolutely have to.

I also find it interesting that although for a time that I am in prayer on the bus,, people seem to have no issue with interupting my spiritual revalrie with whatever is on their mind, even with the fact I am sitting there with my eyes closed, with my brievery in hand…honestly I dont mind so much the interuption, it is just surprising. I am happy when people choose to communicate since it seems to happen so rarely. I just find it interesting that they seem not to take notice, or possibly even understand what is going on about them.

One day, I was sitting there on the way into the office, and I noted a cyclist who was riding down the road. A number of years ago I used to engage in distance cycling as a hobby. Doing that sort of riding on a bicycle is something that will only make sense to you, if its something that you have done before. There is a certain rythm, or a zone you get into, and if your as bad as I was at it, you have a number of hours in front of you left to your own thoughts and devices. For me, that usually meant a marathon of thought and prayer. But, I digress.

There in the road was this cyclist, and I took note of the fact that he was in his zone… and that I surmised from the look on his face that he had been
on the road that morning for a while. He was obviously a seasoned cyclist.. and I smiled and waved unoticed by the cyclist, and pretty much everyone else.

I heard comments from a couple of people on the bus, about how this guy was crazy for riding his bike in the middle of the road, particularly during rush hour traffic. What they did not notice, or appreciate, was that this cyclist only had one leg. Even I missed it for a while.
This got me thinking about this person, and I could not help but really wanting to know what his story was. I have ridden on a bicycle and at the end there were times when I was so tired from my ride I would almost fall off the bike in exaustion.

I spent time admiring the grace with which this cyclist pedaled without so much as a wobble… I was further amazed that when we approached a stop sign,
this cyclist balanced himself at a stand still until the light changed. I would have had issues doing that. THen I wondered about how it was that this cyclist balanced the bike while getting on and starting off.. and how they stopped and got off when they got off the bike… I wondered at the challenges they faced in that which most tend to take for granted.

I wondered about the challenges.. the crosses he must have faced…. but mostly, it was the look on the cyclists face, that look I knew and knew well.
There is a certain contentment. A feeling that you know that things are possible, you start the journey… and with a little time, and patience, you get to the journey’s end. There is a satisfaction in completing that journey, and a peace in the journey itself.

A cyclists journey is much like our prayer life. We make the decision to start. There are growing pains. There are times of pain, or maybe numbness.
There are periods of time when you might feel like your the only one on the journey. Possibly, there will be times when you might even question why you
are on this journey to begin with. Others will ask you why you are on this journey, and all that you believe that you have is the strength that God supplies and the sheer act of will and determination of getting to the end of that particular journey.

What we learn at the end of the journey, is that once the elation of finding the end of that particular journey ends, and you begin to look back over the journey and all the things that happened on the journey, that you can see that you were never alone on that journey.

Our lives are full of these journeys. Each of us has some path in front of us. Sometimes we choose the path, and sometimes we find ourselves there,
and wonder how we got there, but that is not the part that is important at all. It is understanding that the particular cross we have to carry today,
this journey you are on, this task, if you will is just one of many, and not only will God see you through this journey, but He is attempting to teach you,
He is attempting to lead you, He is attempting to show His love for you and provide for you, we just have to trust in His love for each of us until the time comes when all our journeys are done on this earth, and we complete the journey in Heaven.

May God give you the gift of His peace….


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2 Responses to “Strength In Our Journey”

  1. James P. Vaughn, OFS Says:

    Spot on! When I was professed several years, the first to go was the car. It was not planned. I was not trying to make a public display of my state of poverty, it just happened. Today it is bus or train. No taxis or planes. Again, it just happened. Next I traded my law practice in for working in a legal clinic. Again, it just happened. No explanation. Today, I can pray the Hours wherever I am as well as the Crown Rosary. This all happened when I was 59 and today I am 65. My wife has adjusted and when I share my conversion story with our inquirers and canidates, I sense a look of confusion and I reassure them that it is my conversion story and theirs is waiting to be written.

    • brbearsfo Says:

      Thank you Brother James for your comments, and sharing your story ! It is always edifying to hear how God works through others. Pax et Bonum !

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