The Problem With Being Human….


There are days when things just never seem to go quite right. Those days are usually the days that you find yourself wishing that you had stayed home from what ever it is that you are currently doing.

If you are younger it might be school. If your are a little older it might be work or might even just be that you left the house and things started getting interesting.

Maybe you are going through a rough patch that lasts for more than a day or two, and you are sitting there behind your thoughts saying to yourself if I just put my head down.. and plow through this then things will eventually get better.

You might just be in the situation where you are just hating your life right now and how nice it would be to just be someone else. You find yourself in new experiences, or uncharted waters. You are not sure how it is all going to work out, just something tells you that it will work out if you just keep going.

It might… or it might be a little like flapping your very human arms while falling off a building.. The concept might have looked good, but the execution will probably not end well.

Most people, in their 20’s or so leave their home and either go off to school, or go off on their own. Those times are exciting, and trying. They make poor decisions, and figure our ways to fix them.

At some point or other they tend to get into a spot, ,that causes them to stop and rethink things, and if they have any sort of faith life at all, or exposure to a faith life, then they end up on their knees praying for direction and help.

There is a young lady I know, and I will call her Sarah. Sarah was muddling through her work a day world, considering how difficult life is and how she really wanted to get away from it all for a while just so that she could relax and quiet her mind. This does not sound like an unreasonable request does it really ? Everyone needs a break right ? Well, Sarah then recounted to me that she had a conversation with an old friend who was wheelchair bound. Her friend said to her that she had a cleaning person who came in once a week to clean the friends apartment. The cleaning lady came in and told her that she was going to take a week or two off and would not be there because she was going to visit family and she really needed a break.

Sarah’s friend agreed, but in her heart, she was angry. She thought, why does she need to get away.. I never get away.. I don’t even have a way to get away ! Sarah’s friend was for a short time living on her own as her parents were away on a trip. This was the first time she had been alone. Or at least thought she had been alone.. Even when things happened to Sarah’s friend, there was always some one God sent to help her.

Now Sarah was feeling bad for wanting to get away…

The interesting part of this story is that THIS is exactly what happens to us every day.

In those days when life is hard. When things are difficult. It is at those times when God is closest, and working with us. If we invite Him into conversation, He will do more. If we seek wisdom, we will see where He had His hand in the process . Finally if we are wise, we will use our experience with God to teach others and praise Him

Pray first,last and always. Pray for guidance, Pray for Wisdom, Courage, and Strength.

Wisdom to know and understand what is God’s Holy will for you, the Courage, to choose that path with Him, and the Strength to follow that through.

May God give you the gift of His peace !


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