Doubting Thomas … Believing Thomas

Doubting Thomas … Believing Thomas

During the last couple of weeks we got a quick look at the apostle Thomas. There is not a lot of information about Thomas in the Gospels, or in scripture as a body of work. In fact, what most people know of Thomas is that he was the doubter. He is eternally stuck with the label of “Doubting Thomas” and so much so that through the course of history people are quick to use that label for pretty much anyone and everyone who doubts what ever the issue at hand happens to be.

Although, might be how Thomas is labeled, did he, or does he really deserve the label. Well indeed there is, as previously stated, really not a lot of information about Thomas. Before we go off and leave that to our imaginations though, Lets look at the other side of Thomas. In John 11:16, Jesus had announced His intention to go to Judea in order to visit Lazarus. This was the place where they were just chased out of. The other apostles were not so much in favor of the plan but it was Thomas, who said, YES ! Lets go so we can die with the Lord. Does this sound like Thomas was a doubter or that he lacked any particular particle of faith ?

Then again just before the Sermon on the Mount, it was Thomas who said “ Thomas said to him, “Master, we do not know where you are going; how can we know the way?” Jesus said to him, “I am the way and the truth* and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.( John 14:5)

John believed. John was not among those who were there when Christ first appeared to the other apostles. So when they told him, he did not believe THEM. Jesus knew of Thomas’ response, and was wanting him to really and truly know and understand that Jesus really was resurrected and there with them.

During this year of Mercy, The church asks us to look into the world around us to share the blessings and graces of mercy to everyone. There is a great need for mercy in our world. No less important than the showing of mercy towards others, would be the need for our own mercy. We need to spend the time looking within to see our own flaws, and failings. To see our own imperfections and very human characteristics. We need to recognize that we are flawed, and are in dire need of God’s mercy and forgiveness and grace. It is through the understanding of our own failings and flaws, that we can come to understand that seeking after mercy is the first step to being a channel for true mercy to others.

If we can understand our own need for mercy, we can understand that the mercy is not ours to give, but Gods mercy that we are human channels of. We must become the channel for what we receive. We can not become mercy if we do not first understand that WE first have received it, and that it is God’s desire that we share His mercy with our brothers and sisters. Mercy flows forth from love. Love is the law.

Thomas, and as scripture informs us, who was also called Dydamus, which means “ The Twin”, leaves us another mystery. WHO was his twin ? We are not given an answer to this question. There are many who have made assumptions or inferences about who that might have been, or IF he actually had a twin. I submit to you that, in a sense, WE are all Thomas’s twin, in that, we all have moments of great faith, and we all have moments of doubt or question.

Its easy to believe when things are easy, or when life is good. It is when our faith is tested, when things get rough, that things are a little more difficult. It is in these difficult times, when we grow to learn more about God, more about the strength of our faith, possibly this is the point where you have found yourself saying, OK Lord let me stick my finger into that hole in your hand… and take care of me.

In this Year of Mercy, there are others who are saying that same thing to themselves. They might not even know they are there. Possibly they may have given up on asking the question at all.

In the Cursillo movement, when the time came for you to serve, you got a phone call, and the voice on the other end of the phone said “ Christ is counting on you…….” and the response would be

“ …. And I on Him ! “. In this year of mercy, Christ is counting on you…… what will your response be ?

May God give you the gift of His peace…… and mercy !


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