Love Is The Law…..

Love is the Law…..
If there is one answer to the question of life and world and everything ( as much as most “Hitch hikers Guide to the Galaxy” would like to have us believe the answer is not 42.  The answer to life, the world and everything is God. and the Law of God is love.

Jesus came not because of sin, but because of love.  You have only to look at scripture to find evidence of this in nearly every corner.  One of the most famous of the Biblical scriptures is John 3:16.   ” For God so LOVED the world that he sent his only begotten son…”.

In the gospels there is the story of the legal scholar who asked Jesus what is the greatest commandment.  His reply was easy.
Love the Lord your God with all your mind heart and soul and then, love your neighbor as yourself.

Now consider this :

” Christs call to conversion continues to resound in the lives of Christians.  THe SECOND CONVERSION is an uninterupted task for the whole Church who ” clasping sinners to her bosom, is at once holy and always in need of purification, and follows constantly the path of penance and renewal”. ( CCC #1428 ).

We are called to a dual process of daily conversion.  Let us consider the following scenario :

You rise in the morning, you faithfully say your morning prayers and consider the all the great and wonderful possibilities for the day.  You have started off the day in a good place.  You pray for peace, peace in your day.  You pray for patience, and to be the example of the good disciple  that you know in your heart you desire.  Then you leave your house. you get in your car and that  person cuts you off nearly causing an accident.  You get to work and someone decides to yell at you, or about you.  You become frustrated and that little monster that we all have decides to come out.

At the end of the day you return to your home, you sit and do your evening prayers and you settle in to contemplate on the reading, or enter into the Our Father and adding your intentions and you drag yourself like a little child you knows they did something not so good, and shuffle your spiritual feet and look down at the ground and you know you failed at your efforts today to be the hands, feet and voice and vessel of Christ.  You were not the exemplary Christian, You feel terrible, you feel defeated and some days you might even feel like you just can not get any of these things right !
Let us examine the case of Peter.  What happened to Peter during the Passion ?  After having gone through all of the daily trials and tribulations, and after having been with Jesus, and even after being warned about the experience, Peter fails, and denies Jesus  time and time again. Later on when he realizes the mistake he made, realizing the failure he had committed, he goes on to lead the way for many many converts and disciples.

Most people consider “conversion” in the idea that they we some other faith or denomination, and “became” a Christian, and became a Catholic.  This idea of conversion is static, like some of our brothers and sisters consider “being saved” as an event.

Instead conversion has a starting point, but the end point occurs when you enter the beatific vision.  Everything in between is a constant process that includes, study, application, failure, and renewal.

It is important to know that God loves us, and like Peter, forgives us for the places where we fall or fail.  It means that we acknowledge our own sinfulness.  We acknowledge that we fail, and we acknowledge that we are not perfect beings.  It also means that in our human-ness we must also reach to a place where we can also acknowledge that others go through the same struggle, and understand that they too are imperfect.   We must acknowledge that they are not at the same place that we are.  They might be even on a different road that we are.  We must be in a place where we can love and forgive others who may not even be on the road at all, but who also feel the weight of their own failures.

Pray for those who have little or even no faith at all.  Pray for those who struggle with their faith.  Pray for those who are going through trials in their faith.  Pray, hope and don’t worry.

May God give you the gift of His peace….


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