Now Is The Time !

Now Is The Time..

” You know the time; it is the hour now for you to awake from sleep.. For our salvation is nearer now that when we first believed;  the night is advanced and the day is at hond.  Let us then throw off the works of darkness and put on the armor of light.” )Romans  13:11  – Shorter Christian Prayer (c). 1988 Catholic Book publishing Co. ).
Brothers and Sisters, the time has already come for us to stop slumbering in our faith.  To be retiscent in the practice of our faith is not something we can do.  Like the Romans of old the church has been asleep and some have fallen away, fallen into the darkness.  The life of the world around us has fallen into the age of “Do what ever feels good and that is right !”.

Because of the choices that the world has made, we have a worlds moral compass has broken and people of good conscience are in fear of their worldly posessions, their standing, their money, their friends and even in some cases their family.

Because of the choices we have rulers who no longer rule with just, and fair laws.  Governments that seek what is best for greed, for corruption, and its own political standings.

The church is not immune to these issues.  We have Pastors who are afraid of preaching bedrock matters of faith that seem unpopular among their congregations.  We have organizations who have forgotten what their purposes are.

We have people whos hands are too soft, and heads are too hard !

The sheep who show up, try to fulfill their “obligations” so that can be checked off and then go back to doing what feels good now.  In parishes today there are ten percent of the people doing one hundred percent of the work.

Outside of the parish, there are ten percent of the Christians who are living the life they are called to, and ninety percent who are doing what ever feels good and who try to bend the church to fit the life they want in order to make it justifiable to themselves and others.

It is time for us as Christians, as Catholics, and the priests, prophets and kings we are, to start living the vocations we have been called to.

We need to insure that there is also no difference between our public and private lives.   If you’re a Christian, then you are a Christian in private and in public.

You can not say that you are a Catholic in private, or in the church building, and then go out into the public square and vote for things that the church does not accept or teach.   You can not hide your faith when it is convenient.

We are all accountable not only to God, but to our brothers and sisters for our faith.  I say this not because we should be pointing the finger at others to point out their weaknesses or failures.  I say this because as you well know, your brothers and sisters know you by your actions and so much by your words.   You need to be the example, you need to not hide the light of Christ  in the public square, because there will be a time when someone looks at you as an example of what it is that God is calling you to, and how it is that they should respond.  They will look to you for strength, hope, and encouragement.

The point at which someone will look to you for these things, may be at their lowest points in life, and it may also be at your lowest point, but they will look to see what you do, how you act, and how God is working in your life.

Now is the time.. Now is the hour.. because Now is your time of faith !

May God give you the gift of His peace !


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