The Domestic Church …

The Domestic Church…
This idea of the ” Domestic Church” is something that is thrown around a great deal within some circles as a cursory way of talking about the sanctity of Marriage and the raising of children.  This idea bares a little review and some ideas of what that idea really means.

Every Christian person, a person who through Baptism enters into the Body of Christ has a unique identity as ” priest, prophet and king”.  Which all sounds great, and gives you the warm fuzzy feelings you were looking for within your own mind and heart  but what is it that this really means ?

You are a priest.  Not an ordained clergy, not the person who receives the sacrament of Holy Orders.  You are a priest in the sense that you are called to be holy.  You are called to lead , to be the shepherd of the flock you are given.   It means that you too are called to follow the Evangelical counsels of Poverty, Chastity and obedience.. this according to your state of life.

You are called to be spiritually poor. No matter what you might posses or what you earn or do not earn. It has nothing to do with income or possessions.  Instead it has to do with a detachment from possessions, wealth and power.

You are called to be chaste.  Chastity is that you remain chaste to your spouse if you are married, or to God if you are single.
To be ruler of your mind, your heart, and your body as these things are not really yours, but Gods.  If you are Chaste then you are faithful, loving and attentive to God, and to your spouse if you are married.

You are called to be obedient.  THis is the hardest part for everyone.  To be obedient to God in his commands, in His will, in your life.  It is not easy, but it is required.
You as priest are called to offer sacrifices.  These are not liturgical sacrifices, these are sacrifices of your Time, your talents, your treasure.  Sacrifices involved a never ending point of self giving for the sake of Christ, and for the sake of our brothers and sisters.  A sacrifice of love brought about by the examples of Christ that draws not only us, but the other person into a state of communion with each other and with God.

You are called to give up your own desires in love, for the benefit of your brothers and sisters, for your family, for friends, and for strangers.

You are a Prophet !  –

You are a prophet by virtue of your Baptism,  This means that you are to go ever forward, to be the hands, feet, and voice of God in all the things that you do.  St Teresa of Avila composed a hymn in the 1500’s stating that ” Christ has no body now but yours”.  John Michael Talbot composed a song around this hymn that was released not long ago.  This hymn gets to the very heart of your job as prophet.  To be the hands and feet, and voice of God here on earth. To exercise the Corporal and Spiritual works of Mercy, not only for the sake of our brothers and sisters but for your own as well.

YOu are King !  You are a member of the Royal Priesthood of Christ.  Christ made all brothers and sisters and we are rulers of our own house, but this is not to say that this is a controlling kingdom, quite the contrary, the kingdom you control, is given to you to reign in your free will, to exercise dominion over your heart and mind and body.  Your are given control in order that you exercise your free will to provide for the needs of your brothers and sisters.

You are given gifts, in order that those gifts may be freely given and shared not only for the benefit of all your brothers and sisters,but for the spreading of the Kingdom of God.  For these reasons you are king.

The domestic church, is your home.  In this church is the first place, where we learn the will of God, and work out how to carry that will out.  It is where we make the sacrifices concretely at first for our spouses, our children, and our families.
The Domestic Church is the singular place were we “come away to a quiet place” to be with God and become refreshed in Him within the context of a daily walk.

The Domestic Church is where our daily expressions of Love of God and Family and Neighbor come to bare on our daily lives each and every day.   There were times in the History of the Church where the Domestic Church was the only available Church and the parents were the only ones available to carry on and teach the faith.

The Domestic Church is the first battleground upon which we fight for the Kingdom of God here on Earth.

What ever your state of life is, what ever parish you belong to, or where ever you go.  The Domestic Church is there waiting, because God is there, and He waits for us.

May God give you the gift of His peace.


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