How Did We Get Here ?

Events that got us where we are today …

Many parents who have children who have may what they might consider poor choices often sit and ponder where it was, what event, or decision, or other idea that lead their child astray.  What happened and where did they go wrong.

We find ourselves in a world today where human lives mean little or nothing in the world view. In a world where marriage is more of a social convenience or a legal convenience rather than the covenant and sacrament that it is.  Where children have become commodities, there to be bought and sold and killed at the whim of social demand.

We find ourselves in a world where the elderly, are put away, and forgotten, left to rot.  In a world where the elderly are given the idea, pressured by society, and be inaction, to believe their lives are worthless, because they can no longer serve the needs of a society that values money and productivity and advancement as their gods.

So where is it, and how is it that we got to this place ?

Andy Rooney once gave a commentary where he blamed the ills of society on the “TV dinner”.  To a degree, he might well be correct.
The argument is that with the advent of the TV dinner,  parents no longer had to make a family dinner.
Then the family no longer sat around the dinner table to discuss matters of the day, instead they were taken into the livingroom,
to spend hours watching TV until it was time for bed.  Effectively eliminating family interaction.

This left the public schools and government to take the place of parents.  Weekends were then the only source of family interaction. Church, parties, and television.

THe advent of having the two parent income as a necessity driven by corporate greed, and at the service of the god of greed and status, drove the family unit further apart.  creating long hours, less disposable income, and a disparity in the economic stata.

People were given labels of Class.. Upper class, Middle Class and Lower class, giving the inference and prejudice of somehow making some people who were “less”.    This was not to say that this class typing was new from the 1960’s  History teaches us that  from the time of the cradles of civilization have we given this experience of class, or status or less than personhood to people who were “conquored”, or victimized by a society as a whole.  This is just a different face of the same problem.
To a certain degree, I think you might be able to go back further in time and say that the advent of the broadcast radio could in the same vein be blamed for the downfall.    Prior to radio, society needed their hands and mouths to tell stories and play music both of which could never occur while at the family dinner table.

But instead of pointing the finger at events, or inventions, or things, we really need to place responsibility where it belongs.
These things occured because of people.  Things, inanimate objects,these are not generally speaking evil in and of themselves, but rather what it is we do with them that is evil.

Hitler, had ideas, and the way that those ideas came to light, and turned into the things that lead to the War that came in that process, was simple,  Start with the children.  Flood the media with his ideology, teach that ideology in schools, and eventually it became the law of the land.  This is exactly where we are today.   It is nearly impossible not to turn on the television or radio and not be bombarded with images and propoganda filled with an ideology in direct opposition to the teachings of the Church.

Today throughout the world there are people ( not all of them Christian) who are taking a step back from the whole process.  There are people who are building / refurbishing smaller dwellings and living with less.  They refer to this as “The Tiny House Movement”.   I have watched this with fascination.  People are starting to the value of living with less in smaller spaces and are  working on spending more quality time with their families.  They are trying to become more self sustaining and relying less on the corporate environment for their daily existance.    People are learning to live more responsibly not only for their own life away from work, but also lighter on the land, and in cooperation with creation.

We might want to try some of the tools for evangelization.  Living a life of faith..   Living a life of faith, living our faith is the biggest and best tools of evangelization we have.   St. Francis said ” Preach the Gospel at all times, and when necessary use words…” This came on the back side of a trip he and another brother were taking to “preach”.  At the end of the walk, the brother asked when it was that they were going to preach.. St, Francis said.. ” We already have.

In order to live your faith, you must KNOW YOUR FAITH.   Study, learn, ask questions, and study some more.  Learn why it is that we believe and do the things we believe and do.  Words are empty without knowing why they are there.  Knowing these things will have the ring of truth and conviction based in faith and certain knowledge.   We can no long afford to be just hearers of the Word, but we must be do-ers as well.

May God give you the gift of His peace !


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