The Journey To Work… The Journey to Life…

The Jouney To Work… The Journey To Life :

Passing through the dark of the early morning..
the glow of the streetlights with their
intermittent periods of light and darkness,
cause the recollection of the passage of life in all its mysteries.

The light shows us the illumination of the mind, and the spirit.
The places where we have points of spiritual epiphanies.
Lights of our path that show us where it is that we might see more clearly,
where we see the glory, and majesty of God.

The light of our path ..The places between the lights,
the areas, where we might still be able to see some things,
not everything as in the light,
but still the path is there..

The path does not change..
Struggling to make your way through the darkness. tired, and dim..
Carrying the weight of the day on your back..through the dark.
Advancing through the dark, pushing ever forward on the path laid out..
In the periods of the dark, we stay on the path,
We carry the load,
we might not know what is ahead,
save for the light..

we can percieve dimly in the dark…
But we do not see all, we do not perceive everything that is, but we know it is there.

In the dark places, we whisper a prayer into the light…
Thanking God for what has been, and what is, and what will come.
Taking a deep breath, stilling the mind..
making a practice of being with God..

The mind ever so slowly shifts into the presence..
into light, to spite the darkness that envelops..
we pierce the darkness with the light.
trying to keep true.. trying to keep right..

The mind drifts back to journey.. distracted though it is..
coming to the consciousness that you have slipped from your prayer..
from your attention.. from your connection..
Keeping the awareness of the knowledge that your thought broken, only to return..

There is a short rest.. a place to rest before the dawn breaks..

How very much our lifes journey is not unlike this journey..
going from point to point.. and place to place.. awaiting the Dawn of the return of our Lord.
peaks and valleys.. light  and dark ..

Eventually the dawn will break and the Son will return.. to dispell all the dark,
to bring us home, to shine light and love upon all.

So it is for us today, to carry the load, to pierce the darkness..
to carry the Light.. to share the Light.. to reflect the Light we have recieved.
to give hope to those who travel in the darkness..

For there is truth…
Truth is not a thing….
Truth is a person..

And that persons name.. is Jesus, The Christ.

May God give you the gift of his peace..


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