The Time Has Come….

The time for truly living our great faith has come !
“Blessed shall you be when men shall hate you , and when they shall separate you , and shall reproach you , and cast out your name  as evil, for the Son of Man’s sake.

Be glad on that day and rejoice ; for behold, your reward is great in Heaven.  ”  Luke 6:22-23  (1)
“All the days of thy life , have God in thy mind: and take heed thou never consent to sin, nor transgress the commandments of the  Lord our God- Tobias 4:6 (2)

” I will set the Lord always in my sight : for He is at my right hand, that I be not moved.”  Psalms 15:8 (3)

Many many things have been happening in the world over the last number of decades where we have seen the degeneration and degradation of morality across the world.

We have seen the fall of many parts of our societies that were solid parts of life based in faith.  Marriage, sanctity of life,
sanctity of the body, Family life, the education and welfare of children, and an over all de-evolution of all that we have known and held to be good and true.

So you may ask yourself what changed ?  The answer, is really nothing changed.  In fact things are very much the same.  Man has taken what was good, and perverted it, and moved into a hedonistic society meant solely for the pleasures of self, as opposed to the pleasure of God.

We have not changed and we have not learned.  You have only to look at the history of mankind. Several times in the history of mankind has society fallen into this depraved state and sought this self serving way of life.

We have seen the spread of pagan religious practices, and a time of great faith.  We have seen many falls and risings.
In each of these times there have been many who kept silent, and were luke warm in their faith and just allowed things to happen as they will.

All of that sounds pretty ominous and bad.  It is, but even in the time when things seem dark and hopeless.  When people of faith are cast outs, and have been treated as “lepers”, or looked at by society as foolish, deranged, and generally socially ( and in some cases legally) unacceptable, and have been persecuted and hunted after by those who want things on this earthly plane to serve their own selfish desires, there have also been people of great faith !

Remeber: “Where sin abounds, grace all the more…” Romans 5:20 (4)

It is time for people of faith to stand up. It is time for people to first educate themselves. Study, study, study, then go to church and ask questions of a priest, a deacon, a bishop.  If you are not getting the answers your looking for, then start asking questions of other priests, deacons, or bishops.   If you still dont have an answer, then its time to consider possibly that the question your asking is not quite what you need to ask.   Go back and study some more.  Study scripture, study the catechism, study encyclicals, and study the history of your faith.

After you have studied your faith, then begin to look at your own objections, or the objections of others in light of your faith and what it is the Church teaches ( which is what scripture teaches, and tradition teaches) and then go forth in faith to teach others.  Standing firm in your faith.

It is important to remember that this standing firm in your faith and teaching othes, does NOT mean that you should go and assault others with your faith, or argue them into submission.

Saint Francis was prime in our example of how to preach the Gospel in love and in charity.  He LIVED his faith, and only when faced with the fact that only words would suffice, or would be the BEST way to teach the faith and example of Christ to others, did he preach.

ALL men sin and fall short of the Glory of God.  ALL men, not some, not a few, all of us.  JUdgement is not ours to give, but Love and charity are.

Father Mike Barron, recently said in an interview, that one of the things that we do best as Catholics and Christians is to walk with our brothers and sisters.  WE CAN walk with our brothers and sisters in charity, and NOT give them approval for sin or bad choices.  We can only share in charity what we know, and what we believe.

Now is the time for us to LIVE our faith heroically !  It is time for us as Christians to begin again, to live the example of Christ, to live as example not only to those who have fallen away, but to everyone.  Let our yes mean YES, and our no, mean NO.
And let the Holy spirit come and fill our hearts with the fire of Gods love, until all the world knows and believes, and confesses with their tongues, that Jesus Christ is Lord !

May God give you the gift of His peace !


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