Moved As You Are……

“May God our Father give you grace and peace.
We always give thanks to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
in our prayers for you because we have heard of your faithin Christ Jesus and the Love you bear
towards all the saints –  moved as you are by the hope held in store for you in heaven.
You heard of this hope through the message of truth, the Gospel, which has come to you,
has borne fruit, and has continued to grow in your midst as  it has everywhere in the world” … Corinthians 1:2b-6a.
Paul in this letter to the Corinthians is elated because of the growth of faith that has started and continued in their community and the message of Love, of Jesus, in the heart.

In this passage, the apostles are praying for the community and its leaders for their growth and life in Christ.

So how does this relate to us today ?  Glad you asked  !
We are truly blessed with the gift of faith.  Indeed faith is a gift.  HOwever, as Luke was quick to remind us, To whom much is given, much is expected.  (12:48)..

Your faith is a great gift you have been given. It is yours to pick up and put down, it is yours to do with as you please.  The world in its secular society would not care.  It is only the community of faith, only those who know the value of the pearl of great price that we have been given who truly understand the vastness of the gift AND the responsibility that is a life of faith.

Does this make a life of faith sound like a burden ?  It is not.  It can be challenging. It is definitely rewarding.

People of faith have the responsibility of love.  In all things, in all places, in all circumstances we are challenged to love.
Loving even when the world does not.  Even when human reason tells us not to.

We should be a storehouse of hope and not just for ourselves, but for others too !  The hope we have for what is also in store for us in heaven.

It is easy to do these things at home.  It is easy to do these things within our own families, within our circle of friends.
After all, do those who have no faith do anything less for their family and friends ?   We should be able to move beyond the bounds of our own comfort, and share that Faith, that hope, and that joy with others for love of God.

This is at the very heart of the Gospel message, at the heart of the life of faith.

Its not easy, Jesus already knows !  How does He know.. HE already lived it.    In being true God and true man, he lived through the same challenges, problems issues and crosses we have.

Mostly we need to love enough to forgive.  Not only to forgive others, but to forgive ourselves.  We can be our own worst critics.
We have the need to forgive ourselves for our human failings.  For love of God we must ask for God’s forgiveness, and then forgive ourselves, to move on, to work on the next challenge.

May God increase your faith, increase your Hope, and increase your love !

May God each of you the gift of His peace !


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