Which Way Do I Go, Lord ?

Which Way Do I Go , Lord ?

Work. It is a necessity. It is what it is that we are raised to want, to desire, and to excel at.

It starts in elementary school and lasts our entire lives. In High school, there is a push for indications of what it is that we want to DO with our life’s work, what direction we are going in, and indeed, how we plan to excel at that life’s work .

Decisions need to me made, actions need to be taken to insure that with all possible certainty, you perform above grade. You need to be successful and you need to gain a solid financial foothold that you should hold on to and even advance in status, finance, and possessions.

There is a point where you may find people who, once they obtain that status, position, or level in one area of their lives that things are good and they are happy but things could be better in other areas.

Particularly in the area of work more than not, people are generally unhappy not so much with the work that they do, but the circumstances within which they do it.

I find it interesting that most people who attend college, never really stay within the field that they originally went to school for. Life and circumstances change and the opportunities cause a change in that time and tide.

Economic circumstances, physical challenges, life changes all come to bear on the things that we find to do, simply to survive, and make our way in this world we all live in.

Faced with situations where we are not really happy with the circumstances we find ourselves in we begin to pray about the situation, and what it is that the Lord wants from us. We ask for direction, for wisdom, for knowledge, for some clue or indication about it is that we are doing in this situation and what it is that the Lord has in mind for us !

Many people look for the burning bush, the big sign, the “flash and smoke” that are those definitive signs that come about to show us what it is that we are really supposed to do. Some of us might feel like we are not really good at reading those signs that are small and subtle. We really need something HUGE that will be so obvious that it is impossible to miss.

One young man came to me and said ” I just wish He would either take it all away, or show me what I am supposed to do “.

First thing is this … Psalm 46:10… ” Be still and know that I am God…”

In all things God has a plan for every single one of us. In putting on the mind of Christ, we can see that it really does not matter so much what happens in our lives, as long as we are faithful. As long as we are people who know, love and serve God and His will, then we know that it does not matter because His will, will be done in our lives because HE is God.

We should gain peace with this knowledge, because as long as we are faithful to God, then we will help to bring about His will, His kingdom here.

Now, the question becomes this. If, the prayer is not answered. Then the answer to the question might not be NO.. The answer might not be NO, but instead might be, NOT NOW.

This is sometimes a hard answer for us to take. Particularly because the rather human response is WHY ? Why can’t I have this thing I a praying for.

There are several possible reasons why this might be true. It might be that what ever happened to you in your life was because there was some particular thing that God needed to teach you, in order that you were prepared for what is to come. That thing, might be anther circumstance, or another opportunity.

Consider Moses. He was a prince of Egypt, then became a slave, exiled and finally became the perfect tool that God used to accomplish His will. This is the same thing for each of us. This does not mean we are all going to be Moses, or great in the eyes of the world. It means that while we are faithful, we will be the tool God uses.

This brings out another idea that many people forget. The thing that you are going through at this moment, that change, that difficulty, that circumstance, is possibly NOT ABOUT YOU. Well, OK.. So if its not about ME, then what is it ? Possibly it is that you are the tool God uses to teach, to effect, to show others what His will is for them !

We should also pray to be the instrument that God uses to bring about His will.

We know that God loves each of us, His children. So in that love He also wants what is best for each of us, and so he will not leave us to our own devices. If we ask, He will make changes in us, He will use us, and He will lead us to the place where we fulfill our purpose.

The hard part is that we might not know what His will is for us in a particular circumstance. Sometimes, we will not know until after we have passed through that particular part of the journey we are on, and then we might be able to look back with the eyes of faith and see where God’s hand was in it. At times, we may never be able to see what the end result was or what God had in mind when this or that happened. Ultimately, it’s all about faith. We just believe that when we reach Heaven, all will be revealed.

May God give you the gift of His peace!


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2 Responses to “Which Way Do I Go, Lord ?”

  1. SaintlySages Says:

    At the risk of over-simplification, I regard a career as something I choose to do and a vocation as something God calls me to be.

    Thank you so much for your writings, Mark, especially your Lenten reflections. They gave me many things to think about and to pray about this year. God bless!

    • brbearsfo Says:

      Thank you for giving me things to consider, for your constant support and encouragement. It’s always great to hear from you ! I pray your Lenten season has been a blessing for you ! God Bless brother !

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