There Lies Your Heart…

“For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be. …”

( Luke 12:34 )

This section of the chapter of Luke comes on the heals of a parable of a young man who  found that in his fields, he was blessed wth an abundance of crops.  With some forethought he decides that he will tear down the barns that he has because they are too small to hold the immensity of the crops he has in the fields. He he is excited with the idea that he has SO MUCH in the fields, that once he builds his new barns, he will be able to stop working, put up his feet and enjoy a life of leisure and merriment for the rest of his life.

This ,however, will not come to pass, because instead that very night he would forfeit his life.    What then would he have ?

This parable shines a rather bright beacon of light on the subject of the blessings we recieve  and what it is that we do with those  blessings.  This is appropriate for us particularly because we are  in the midst of the Lenten season. Lent is a time of renewal, a time for interspection, or self examination, a review of where we are in our spiritual lives.

Lent has gotten sort of a bad reputation in our spiritual daily living.  It gets viewed as a time for giving stuff up.  a time to suffer through a short period of time for our own spiritual benefit.  In fact, Lent has gotten such a bad rap, that many do not celebrate Lent except as a passing note on the way to Easter.

Lent is a time of celebration and rememberances.  Its a time for celebrating our faith by reviewing where we are on our spiritual journey, making and beginning plans for progress on those areas we need some improvements in.

Lent is not about giving up, or giving in.   It is not about giving up this or that for that 40 day period,  It is not about giving in to pressure to give something up.

Instead,  the process of Lent should be more about taking the lessons we have learned, and applying those lessons to our faith life, in our daily walk. The things that we may choose to give up should have purpose.  They should have meaning and purpose, otherwise it becomes just an internal process.

As a child in the United States, some of us might remember during Halloween, the “Trick or Treat for Unicef” campaign, where children, instead of going door to door to collect candy , children went door to door and collected donations for the UNICEF foundation to help the other children of the world.  There were also the “Operation Rice Bowl”  cartons that were used to collect donations to help feed others that were done during the Lenten season.

These types of small sacrificial giving opportunities are the initial gardens where the fruits of the spirit are given roots.

After growing up and shouldering the responsibilities of life, work, family life etc, these lessons, these vines can sometimes get ignored and the weeds creep in and choke these spiritual plants.

In my little corner of the world, in the county where I live, there are over 3000 homeless children.  This is staggering, there are enough children to fill more than an entire school building of children, who through circumstance are homeless.  Not long ago, our county spent  $168 million dollars to build a new football stadium.    There was an existing stadium, that was aged, and there were issues with access for the physically challenged/disabled/handicapped .

There were legalistic and cost ramifications for why it needed to be fixed.  Also, that is balanced with the income that would have been available regardless.  There were a good number of issues that needed to be balanced.

The issue here is that primarily this was done, to satisfy the desires of one  football team /owner and the need of a few people to keep up with others who also demanded to have a new stadium.  They wanted a new prettier home. This is ironic when placed in comparison to the idea that there are so many in our little corner of the world, who have NO home.

Let us consider that if this amount of money were to be invested and had gotten a small 3 PERCENT return on that investment, then the return would be over 5 million dollars   imagine what could be done with that amount of money !

To add “insult to injury” the county made homelessness a crime and proceeded to round up the homeless and charge them with crimes,  Ironically  this caused the county to  house, feed and clothe the same people they were charging with these crimes.  The money that could have been used to assist in caring for our brothers and sisters was instead used in greed.

The United states is not alone in this affliction, there are huge numbers of homeless all over the world, in every country and most significantly in the “developed ” countries of the world.

This presents a few different things to consider.

First,  in our own lives, in our own finances, within our own blessings, what is it that we are doing with the blessings we have recieved from God ?  Are we being good stewards of the blessings we have received ?   Are we using the abundance of blessings we have recieved for the benefit of our brothers and sisters ?

Second, in the larger view, are we working to get our governments to stand up and be accountable for the same kind of blessings that as a member of the community that you belong to, are we getting them to be good stewards of the blessings we collectively have received ?  If not then its time to either step up ourselves, or get the people into the administration of our governments who has the focus for love for our brothers and sisters who are most in need, with a spirit of poverty at the service of those they represent.

May God give you the gift of His peace !


2 Responses to “There Lies Your Heart…”

  1. SaintlySages Says:

    But one could argue that the $168M paid the wages of construction workers and manufacturers’ employees. Hence, the dilemma: give a hungry man a fish or teach him to fish.

    I trust that Almighty God will bring something good out of this.

    God bless!

    • brbearsfo Says:

      Agreed, any type of real solution needs to include a plan to protect the dignity of the person which by necessity would include providing a way for our brothers and sisters to be able to obtain work, to give meaning to the solution, to their lives, and ultimately to provide a path by which they would have the opportunity to multiply the blessing, and be a blessing to others. Good point Brother 🙂 Pax et Bonum !

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