What Instrument Do You Play ?

What instrument do you play ?

I was on the home from the office and while riding the bus,I had finished evening prayer and there was a young man who I had seen before on the bus, and had engaged in a conversation about computers previously so I greeted him and he proceeded to share with me what he had been doing that day.

He related to me that he really loved mandolin music , he liked the sound of the intstrument, and then proceeded to show me some items he had gotten from the local library.

The first thing he showed me was a CD of Middle Eastern music. I proceeded to explain that the instrument used in a majority of the music in the Middle East was a Sitar.   He said he did not know and he just thought he would try it out.

He then proceeded to pull out of his bag a couple of other instructional books on how to play the mandolin.  Since I had some exposure to the instrument (very little) I decided to share with him that he could get a copy of an instructional book from an author whos name is Bickford, that was free to download off the internet and I found helpful and interesting.

We talked a little about the instruments characteristics and how I found the strings or at least the tension involved in them a challenge particularly with my larger hands.

Then I stopped and asked him what kind of instrument he had. He said ” I don’t have one”.
I sat there for a whie trying to understand why someone who had no instrument to play or practice on, would get an instructional book on how to play one.  So, finally the curiosity got the better of me and I asked him why he had gotten the book with nothing to play or learn on.  He just shrugged and looked at the book.

After he got off the bus I had a way to go and as I sat there waiting for my stop, I thought to myself how this young mans situation is very much like life it was.

A life lived with out faith is like this young mans getting a music instruction book with no instrument.

A life without faith is empty, it is a life of processes without meaning, without hope, and without purpose.  God provides purpose for us.
In the course of our daily lives we have obstacles to over come.   This is the same for those who have no faith, and for those who have the gift of faith. The difference comes in how we approach these obstacles and what we gain in going through them.

For those without faith, there is no redemptive suffering, no opportunity to help others no purpose or direction.

This is why the Lord tells us to go make disciples in every nation because it is not only our responsibility to lead others to Christ, but it is a gift if they choose to accept a life of faith.  In any case we can make a difference in the world by the way we embrace and live our faith and give the glory to God.

God will has given us the instruction books, now He wishes for us to be the instruments through which he can make music in the world.

May God give you the gift of his peace !


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One Response to “What Instrument Do You Play ?”

  1. SaintlySages Says:

    . . . and may our strings be ever in tune. Pax et Bonum!

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