Holy Family Model – (Part III)

This weeks reflection deals with Jesus, true God and true man.

Jesus, King of the Universe, Lord of Hosts, came to earth, not because of sin, but instead because of love.

Consider for a moment that Jesus in his immensity, came to Mary, and stayed during her pregnancy, and waited for months to be born.

Was he born rich ?  No, in the example of his poverty of spirit and truth, he was born of parents who were not well to do, there were no musicians, or choir, or silk etc.  It was ruff cloth, and in a stable not in a mansion, or an Inn.  The poorest of situations.

There was really only a couple of other places in scripture where we get to see or hear about Jesus prior to the beginning of his ministry.  The finding in the temple and the presentation of the Lord primarily.

So lets consider for a bit what was happening between these formative years.  Now remeber Jesus was both true God and true man, which means he lived a human existance, with all of its experiences.

He had to learn new things, he had to get an education, he had to do chores, and listen to his parents.  Even if he did not probably agree all the time, he honored his parents as that was his way to honor them.    He had to learn a trade, help out around the house.

Can you imagine the frustration, the care, the love, the disappointments, maybe even a failure on occasion ?  He would turn to his Father in Heaven and pray.  Submitting to the will of his parents and did what was necessary.

Then came his public life, His baptism, His preaching, His anger and sorrows.  He went through irony and  frustration.  Near the end of his earthly life there was betrayal, pain, all through his passion and death.  And finally again joy in the resurrection, the reunion with the disciples, and ascension.

Each of us goes through this range of emotions and feeling so many times in our lives.  We have a Lord who has lived these things to give us an example of how it is that we should model our responses.

Possibly, we can, at least for the point of empathy and understanding, place ourselves in His earthly, humanness.

When we are frustrated and feeling marginalized, or under appreciated.  The Lord was there first.  We can look to His example.  Looking to the Fathers will.

Jesus suffered loss.  Friends were killed or died or fell away.  He wept. He prayed and he waited for the Fathers will.

Some days we might not be able to see what Gods will is for us.  We must trust and pray for His will for us.

How many of us walk the path we have been given, and are maybe not happy with the road we are on.  It seems unfair, it might seem like too much.  You may not know why it is that He has you on the path that you are on, but trusting in God. Trusting in His will, and believing that all things will work for good ( Gods will) for those who love the Lord.

It is in this knowledge, secure in the idea that there is something on the other side for us.  There is something we are supposed to do, or get, or learn that in the end will work out according to Gods loving plan.  This will give you the strength, the security and the hope to walk through the fires in your life.

Our God is a certainty. Our God is sure, and abiding.  It is only for us to trust and believe.

Jesus asked in the garden, that if He could get off the road he was on, that he prayed to have it taken away..  What happened ?  Silence..   His heart broke at the site of His Mother, Mary.. He was treated like the worst person on earth.
What happened at the end of his suffering.. He prayed for them all and asked for their forgiveness.

At the end of these reflections, I hope you have been able to place yourself in each person of the Holy Family, and that this gives you a little insite into where ever you are in your life…

If you are at your wits end. If you dont know what to do.  Pray !   Pray for Gods will in your life, for direction and then trust.

May God give you the gift of His peace !


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