Holy Family Model ( Part II )

In this weeks reflection we will look at Mary.
Mary is the model of peace in a sea of turmoil.

Mary’s story begins with the Magnificat. The Angel of the Lord appears unto Mary and tells her she is highly favored of God and is to be the mother of God.  Mary says YES !  Let it be done to me according to His word.
She knows at least in the short term what this could mean. The reprocussions could be collosal and still she said yes !  It might mean the end of her prospects for marriage, it could mean death for her by stoning.
It could mean rejection by her family, her friends, the entire community and she still said YES !

What a model she is for us in her faith !  When things were hard for her in her relationship with Joseph. She did not run away.  When Joseph was confronted with this information, he stayed.  They worked on their lives in faith.
Mary even after she was pregnant, went to her cousin Elizabeth and served her in her need.  She could have stayed home, and propped up her feet and waited for the birth of her Son, but instead she went to serve.  She served God in the person of Elizabeth.

Then came the journey for the Census which would be the journey to the birth of Christ.  Indeed, it was hard for her.  She being pregnant and traveling over rough terrain, over long distances, for long hours.

Mary was the model of patience.

Through her travels, in extreme discomfort.  She lived through her son growing and then His leaving home knowing what was coming.  She suffered and sacrified for her family.
She spent time working for her family, supporting them, and loving them through her day to day existance.

Mary was the model of Motherhood.

She was teacher, comforter, supporter. When things were hard, she encouraged Jesus ever forward to what she knew in her heart was best, even though her own heart was breaking.

She helped to provide for her families needs.  Throught the daily chores, through the daily care she showed in her attention to the needs of others. She quietly went about her day.  When she was asked what to do she pointed the way to Jesus.

In our daily lives we get challenges, we are tired, frustrated and in pain.  We are frustrated and sometimes nearing our wits end. There are most assuredly crosses that we must bare.

How do we deal with the difficulties of life.  Those pains in life from trivial to devastating ?

Mary lived her lived her life in service to her family, through her faith.
Indeed we too can learn to live our lives in service not only to our own family, to to our brothers and sisters in the world, through our faith which asks that we love one another, and forgive one another, as we have been both forgiven and loved by God.

Ultimately, our daily lives and our response to the things that happen for us in our daily lives, should be an outpouring of our faith in action.

May God give you the gift of His peace.


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