The Holy Family … A Model for us all ! ( Part I )

As we prepare to return to our jobs, and our normal routines, the day to day functions that we are called away from during the

holidays, let us look back over Advent.  Lets look back at where we have traveled from and where we are going.
Advent is that special time of year where the peace and love in all of humanity comes to the surface, when we take time to

remember those things which are important.


As you know the Christmas season is only part of the way through..  Epiphany is on January 6th this year, the celebration of the

visitation of the Wise Men.  Then we have Candlemas or the Presentation of the Lord on Feb 6th.. The celebration of Jesus, the

light of the world.   Basically, the intent and indeed the need for us is to be in continual renewal, and to continue to seek the

Child Jesus in our hearts through the year as we have in the manger.


The Holy Family is a great model for us to follow in our efforts to carry our Christmas spirit with us throughout the year.

First lets look at Joseph.  Joseph had it ruff.  He was a laborer, a carpenter, someone who worked daily with his hands. So he did

not have money laying around casually to be used for the finer things.  His was a daily, hand to mouth existence.  He lived

project to project, payment to payment for his labors.  Then he was required to head out for this census.   This meant time off

work. This meant no money was coming in.  He also had to travel some distance to get there.


He had to travel on foot, hauling his wife, on a donkey ( not the most cooperative of animals) and his wife was pregnant.
This means she was not a happy camper because it was not a comfortable trip to make.  THe census was a pain.  It took him away

from his life, he did not travel with a caravan,  they were on their own.

Mary, goes into labor.  Birth of a child is a happy occasion, a gift to be sure.  There was no rooms available, there was no place

to go and his wife was suffering.   Image, how truly helpless he felt, not being able to provide for her.  Imagine the turmoil

that must have circulated in his mind.   We don’t really know since these things were not recorded, but, we can imagine the tests he went through and the pressures he felt.

Can you imagine him saying to himself something like ” How can I provide for this family when I can’t even find a room ?” or ” I wonder what Mary must think of me now ?” or ” Why in the world is all this happening to me ?”….   You get the idea.


We spend a good deal of our time in worry about why things are as they are, or why does God let this or that happen.  Maybe instead we spend time praying for something different to happen so our lives will be easier.

Joseph couldn’t have been different.  He started this whole thing with just wanting to marry a good woman.  A simple woman who loved God and would provide a good mate for him, a good match.   Look at all that has happened to him in the last year !!

His fiance ends up pregnant with a baby that is not his.  His fiance says this child is from God.  He starts hearing angels telling him its all good, and he should still marry this girl.  He does and now he is hauling his pregnant wife across the other side of the country just so the government can stick it to him later.  Only part way through this ordeal, and all he really wants is to go home with his family so he can get back to his life.

Sound like anyone you know ?


Look closer at Joseph…  A man of faith.  A man who to spite what other people think has connected to his faith life and took in his fiance.  A man who honors her and his promise to her.  A man whose heart is full of love and care for his bride and the child she is about to bring into the world.

What happens after Jesus birth ?  Joseph gives Mary some time to rest before he continues on his way.  Joseph goes back to his journey and takes Jesus with him !  THis is exactly what we should be doing !  As we have taken some time during this holiday season to rediscover Jesus.  We have found Jesus in the Bethlehem that is our hearts, and now as we begin to head back out into the world and into our lives, we need to take Jesus with us and share him with the world.  Lets not leave him behind in a manger where we found Him !

Like Joseph we can take Jesus, we can share our lives with Him, we can present Him to others, we can share Him with others, and learn from Him the way of Love as we go.

As we continue our Christmas season, carry the messages of Peace and Love with us as we go.  O Come, Let us adore Him !
May God give you the gift of His peace !


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One Response to “The Holy Family … A Model for us all ! ( Part I )”

  1. SaintlySages Says:

    God’s blessings to you and yours in the new year, Mark. Pax et Bonum!

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