Care and Feeding of the Sheep…

Care and feeding with Love

In the Franciscan charism our desire for spreading the faith happens largely through example.  Living the Gospel life is a never ending process of going from Life to Gospel and the Gospel to Life.

What does this mean  ?  Well it means that in the course of our daily lives we find ourselves in situations that are challenging for one reason or another, and since as our parents used to tell us.. ” There is nothing new under the sun”  We can return to the bible and find situations that are similar, or at least something in teachings that are relevent.

After prayer and consideration we move to applying what we know of scripture to the life we live.  Through this constant ebb and flow of spiritual awareness, we gain a constant process of the awareness of God in our lives and are constantly in the process of refining, and redefining our relationship with a not only with God but with our brothers and sisters.

It is in this way that we choose to spread the Gospel and our faith with others by our attempting to live the example of our faith through our lives.

This brings us to the question of how it is that we approach people of other faiths. People who are knowlegable about their own faith can get into reasonable discussions about their faith and the faith of others.   There are some dangers in trying to share with others.

By and large, dialogue in faith matters should approach this dialogue in the manner of sharing information as opposed to a battle to see who is “right”.  This is a difficult thing to do at times because there is so much mis-information that is given. Then there are the experiences of each person, which becomes their own reality or experience with their faith journey.

In the discussions of faith, the biggest enemy that needs to be fought, is that of ignorance or the subject matter.   Education coupled with faith are the keys to unlocking the door to understanding and conversion of heart.  This process of learning, is a life long process and is ever changing.  You also will not grow if you dont have questions to ask, and then seek the answers with an open heart.

May God give you the gift of His peace !


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