Why are Old People Grumpy ?

Lets take the idea of the grumpy older person.
Why is it that they are grumpy ?  On the
outside it might appear that they really have
no reason to be grumpy and are probably just
grumpy generally speaking.
I read a webpage that attempted as a point of
humor that said that the reason the elderly are
grumpy is a part of the “fight  or flight
syndrome”  and since the elderly can no longer
for the most part engage is “flight” it only
leaves the “fight” part to deal with.
As an alternative I would suggest that like my
mother used to say, “Life is a matter of
perspectives”.  From the time that we are
young, we grow up believing the world works in
a certain way.  Our parents give us direction
and guidance and we learn in growing circles
about the world around us and a greater deal
about ourselves.  Who we are, and who it is
that we would like to be. By the time we get
into our later teens and early adulthood, we
have pretty much assumed we know how the world
works, and the things that make it work for us.
We enter the world with a set of pre-conceived
ideas, certainly even about the constants in
our lives.  Maybe its our home, our hometown,
our parents, our children, our jobs, even
Eventually, our world does change, our
perceptions change, sometimes for the better,
and sometimes not.    There comes a point in
life where you may develop the persective that
NOTHING in your world is the way its supposed
to be and everything has changed.  And guess
what ?  Your not really very happy about that. In other words you have become the “grumpy person” that you used to view others as.
Now you are faced with a different issue.. what to DO about it.  Once you narrow down the issues involved and their individual component behaviors, you have the choices to make about whether you want to change them or not.
Making internal changes is never easy and the attempts to “figure things out” in the grander scheme of where it is that you would like to be, and where that fits for you can be a long and arduous task.
One of the final steps in making changes is to match up the issues you are facing with where it all lands in your faith life.  Does the issue or change you are trying to analyze good for you ?  Does the issue fit into your faith life and how ?
It takes time, and patience.  It takes prayer and consideration.  Did I mention prayer ?
As in all things, the workings of this world leads us , or should lead us to some point of reflection about our faith life, where we are in it, and what we need to do to improve it for our own spiritual well being.
If you find that you are running up against questions you are struggling with, then you should seek out a priest, Pastor or Spiritual Director to help you get things sorted out or at least get some clarity in direction.
As always, May the Lord giev you the gift of His peace !

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