Blessed Are The Pure of Heart (Beatitudes part VI)

“Blessed are the pure in heart: for they will see God.” (Matthew 5:8).
Who are the pure of heart ? Can we ever really have a “pure” heart…?  Is having a really pure heart even attainable ?
Just as it is with those who follow St Francis, there are two parts to our lives.  There is the Journey and the Dream.  In this case the Journey has to do with our lives here on earth, and how it is that we live and struggle and learn about our faith and how we live that faith in our daily lives.
The other part is the dream.  It is that quintessential ideal end goal that is eternal life with God in Heaven.  It is the attainment of the goals that we seek.  It is a constant struggle for everyone for even though we were cleansed of our sins at Baptism, the stain of sin and action of Evil is still present in the world.  Our struggle to recognize and avoid evil is part of that larger journey.
The Catechism teaches us that ” the pure of heart will see God face to face” ( 1 Corinthians 13:12).  Purity of heart allows us to percieve the human body, both ours and our neighbors, as temples of the Holy Spirit, a manifestation of divine beauty !  ( CCC # 2519 ).
Let’s consider for a moment what that passage means for us.  If we accept that being pure of heart means that we truly consider the human body as a temple and indwelling of the Holy Spirit, this applies equally to both your own body, but also the body of our brothers and sisters, then we must examine how we treat our brothers and sisters and the temple that they are.
Consider for a moment that just this little portion of the Beatitudes nearly encompases every other part.  How we treat each other and in some cases ourselves is the coverage of nearly every commandment.   Lying, theft, murder, avarice, envy, covetous and nearly every other kind of sin deals with how we view and treat ourselves and others.  ON the other side of the coin, it is also the arena of nearly every grace and blessing.
All of the corporal works and spiritual works of mercy all center around how we treat each other.
Further, we are taught that the gift of Chastity allows us to love with an undivided and upright heart ( CCC # 2520 ).
Chastity provides the a division between love and among other issues lust.  Chastity applies to all people according to their state in life.
If your a priest or religious, the vow of chastity allows them to love all Gods people freely without the  necessity of loving just one person. It keeps their lives simpler.  If you are a single person, it keeps the head clear, and allows the heart to love the other person without fear and judgements of being at risk of sin.   Finally, if you are a married person you are still chaste just that you are chaste with your spouse.  Being chaste with your spouse excludes those outside the matrimonial bond, but allows both partners to love others freely as they are not bothered by outside distrations.
Chastity is not about sex, its about love.  Its about the love of God, and love for others while removing obsticles, and respect for the temple of the Spirit.
Purity of intention – seeking Gods will for us in everything (CCC # 2520 )
Purity of intention is causes us to constantly renew our committment to God, to check and make adjustments to where we are and what we are doing with our lives.  The daily examination of conscience gives us pause to consider where we are, what we are doing, and mostly how we can improve or change.   It gives is pause to ask forgiveness for places we have fallen, and to renew the vigor to begin anew the desires of the heart which is ultimately to do what is pleasing to God and helpful to our neighbor.
May God give you the gift of His Peace !



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