Blessed are the Meek (Beatitudes Part III)

” Blessed are the meek: for they will inherit the earth ” (Matthew 5:5)
Peace be with you all !
Today we look at the next section of the Beatitudes.  this section deals with those who are meek, or at least strive to be meek.  This is all well and good, but what is it to be Meek ?
The Dictionary believes that meekness is someone who is humble, patient, teachable, and righteous.
All of these things are good and worthy attributes.  So lets take a dance through these attributes and how they apply to us and how they are all interconnected.
Humility.  Humility is prime for Christians, or should be as humility allows others to enter into the conversation of our lives.  In our own minds if we remove our own egos, and ourselves to be in the forefront of all our thoughts, then  we do not allow either room for God, or room for others.
Indeed, not allowing room for others who are the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, also does not allow room for God.   From a human perspective, if we do not allow room for others to enter in, to grow, to shine, then we also do not allow them the opportunity for personal and spiritual growth.
The If we love our neighbors as ourselves, then we need to make room in our minds and hearts for others to go before us.  In allowing others to go before us we remove the stumbling blocks and allow love to be law of our hearts.
It could be said that humility is something of an internal process that is works on own souls, our own personalities, where meekness is something more external a process shown towards others.    However, all of our traits, whether internal or external eventually shine forth to others in the love that we share.
Patience.  We must learn patience both with ourselves and with others.Patience is something that we gain through experience and understanding.   We need to be patient particularly with others who may not share our viewpoint.    If we are stuck in the idea that we are “right” and others should accept our view or our rule, then we might miss the opportunity to learn.
The battle for patience is generally life-long.  We need patience to wait for something, or someone.  We need to be patient in disagreements with others with whom we disagree.  We need patience with objects,and processes.  We need patience in learning new things.. In our older age, we need patience with those who do not understand us.  When we are younger we need patience with those who we do not think understand us too.
Patience usually comes in what we do, or who we do them with.  1 Corinthians 13 tells us “Love is  patient.”   In the priocess of showing and developing patience we also become humble, and allow room for the other party to grow, to share, to develop their own patience as well.
When we allow for the other person, we allow them the welcoming space to express themselves to share the part of themselves that they want to share, then we make room for everyone to enter the story, we make room for God.  We make room also for not only teaching, but learning. Even if we do not necessarily agree, we still gain perspective.
Teachable-  Are we teachable, we humble enough to allow others to not only engage with us, but to allow them to lead.  Can we open our minds to  not only allow someone else to share their life with us, but can we open ourselved to the possibility that we can gain knowledge and persepctive.
In our suffering, can we walk through the trials , and in the processes of attempting to understand the hows and whys of the sufferings of this earthly life, we open our minds to understanding and seeking of the knowlege from God and others.  In that moment we become teachable and meek.
Are we righteous ?  We dont mean righteous indigniation, righteous meaning living the right way, loving the right way. Making the way for God in our lives, in our heartsm and for others.  Do we treat others rightly ?  Even when we do not know them , even when we are upset with them ?  Do we allow God to be first in all that we think, say and do ?
Through the actions of meekness, we share love, we learn to love more deeply, love of our God, and love of neighbor.
Like many of our spiritual lessons, they are both life long, not only because we need to learn them and grow in them, but because of our human nature, we fail and we sin.  It is in the recognition that this is true, that we make room for the sinful, pain filled nature of others, and share the love of God with them.
May God give you the gift of his peace !

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