Blessed are those who mourn…. ( Beatitudes Part II)

“Blessed are those who mourn: for they will be

comforted.”  (Matt 5:4).

Most people find that their reactions to death

are very different, sometimes confusing, mixed

up etc.

Every death is different from the experience for

each of the souls who are left behind. For every

person, and all the different types of

circumstances that surround a bodily death of a

person, there are as many experiences of it, as

there are of those people whose life the soul

that passed has touched.
In many ways although there are many people who

are all effected, who are all mourning, who are

all touched at the passing of a loved one, it

still tends to be a very introverted, personal

experience, until the person who is experiencing

a period of mourning, goes through the process

of acceptance of the reality, and goes through

the process.

As children, we come to understand that death

occurs and life is not infinite.  This from the

passing of friends, relatives, or the newspapers

etc.  We learn this also from our Church

community. One of the first lessons we learn in

our Christian education, is that we are here to

know God, to love God, and to serve God, so that

we can be with Him in heaven.

We know that eventually we will pass from this

life.  Its sort of a funny thing that we look

forward to, and pray for a long and healthy

life, for ourselves, and for our family and

friends.  Many elderly people will say that they

are ready to go, maybe they feel like all their

friends are gone already, maybe they feel like

the work they are supposed to be doing in this

life is complete.

The truth is that we never know.  We won’t know

for ourselves, and we won’t know for those we

know and love.  Just as the Spirit provides each

soul with individual gifts.. It gives comforts

according to our needs and undstandings.
Saint Francis, who passed from this life early

in his years from illness, gave us the perfect

example of looking at “Sister death”.   She was

welcomed as an honored guest.  Death was lauded

for it was “she” who would be his escort on the

journey to see the Lord in Heaven.
Possibly your experience was tragic, or sudden,

and totally unexpected. Maybe it was illness, or

some other event that was too soon, to fast or

seemingly unfair.

The end result for the soul who leaves us is

much the same.  The time we have is finite, and

so we need to view our time as both a gift, and

indeed, a time granted to us to accomplish the

work of God.

There was a sister who was in a rehab facility,

and she was elderly and largely bedridden.  She

could have laid there and did nothing, feeling

poorly, but instead she said that the Lord has

her there, and so she used her time to share

Christ with others.  This in turn became her

comfort.  It was to her a gift.  At the same

time she was doing the Lords work in the

circumstances she found herself in.

This story gives us a different dimension to

this part of the beatitudes, where she was

mourning her situation, not specifically a

death, but mourning for what had become of her

life as it was then, and found she was

comforted, by doing the will of God.
So from this we know that mourning might be a

number of different things, from death, from

relationships, work, any number of things.  And

the comfort we are given comes when we need it,

and we strive to do the will of God.

May the Lord give you the gift of His peace, and comfort !


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