The Two Great Commandments ( Part I)

What are the two Great Commandments ?

First, that you should love God with all your heart mind soul and strength.

The second , is that you should love your neighbor as yourself.

These sound like very basic ideas.  However, in the course of our daily human lives these things have subtle nuances that begin to effect how it is that we view the world.  How it is that we live our lives and how it is that we even relate to others and to God.  Lets take a look at them.

First you love God.  The love that God asks of us is not just like the love you have for ice cream or the love you have for a friend.   It is that all-consuming love.  The love that takes over your life and turns you in knots and makes your heart burn with a glow that can not be contained.  It is a love that makes the spirit soar, and the mind expand with the very idea of God.

Saint Francis of Assisi would sit in prayer for hours.. spending time with God and every time he uttered the name of Our Lord he would lick his lips as if to taste the sweetness of His presence.  Often he would spend hours in the wee hours of the morning up in prayer.

Saint John of the Cross, wrote what would appear to be love letters and poetry about his yearning for God, yearning to spend time with God.   The list of saints goes on and on.

The love of God should be that force that causes the stirring in our souls, that drives us into that balance between contemplation and action.  From the prayer of our hearts and those things that we know are desired by and pleasing to God, and then to doing the things which we know are pleasing to God.

Our love of God takes us into that area of trying to discern the will of God, what God’s plan is for us, and that leads to questions about how it is that we can do what ever that plan is, that would also be pleasing to God.

The search for the will of God in our lives can be simple.  It can also be a little myopic. Lets look at a problem :

A man comes to a fork in the road.  One branch goes to the right the other to the left.  The man stops and prays asking God which way he should go.  He stops and does not go further.  people pass him but he
says nothing and stays at the junction.  He waits.  Days pass and he is there there, still others pass him by.   Nothing.    He neither proceeds nor returns, but rather stays still and goes no further.

We could say that he was being a good man, waiting to try to figure out what Gods will is for him on his journey.   You could say it was a waist , or you could ask why he did not ask one of the people who passed him by.

In truth, I tell you that it does not matter. The only part that truly mattered is that he stopped to ask God what was his will for him !    God will provide for you no matter what happens in your daily life.

Understanding that God is in charge, and that he has already laid out his plan and knows what you will do will carry our His will for you.  The only thing you have to do is LOVE HIM, trust Him, and know that He loves you.


Next time, we will talk about the other side of the coin..


Until then, may God give you the gift of His Peace !



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