Freedom of the Children of God ( Part IV)

” In the hope that creation would be set free from slavery to corruption and share in the glorious freedom of the children of God”


The last part of the set of verses speaks to us about the love that God has for all His children.  God made each of us with love and care, special and unique.  Created within each of us a plan, each person, each creation to fulfill a purpose.


Like a parent , He brought us into being, He gave us tools , and experience and guidance .  Most important in these things that God gave us was free will, and how it exercise it , however imperfectly.

God has hope.  That seems like an odd concept, that God King and maker of the universe, the omnipotent, The Great I AM, would bother with hope since  He has the power and He does, to have or make anything happen.  So why would He bother ?


He bothers with this precisely because of the fact that he gave us that free will.  That free will means, that each of His children has the choice to accept or reject God, and we can make choices that include the choice of  whether to fall info a state of sin or not.  We can choose to live lives that are pleasing to God or we can choose not to.


We also need this same kind of Hope.  We, because of our human failings, are subject to the influence of sin.  We need help to overcome that sinful nature .  We have been blessed with the Sacrament of Reconciliation to heal our wounded relationship, our souls.


We have hope that with the help of God, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit , we will live good and holy lives.  This hope extends to our family and friends , to the Body of Christ, those who are people of faith, and indeed to the entire world.

God gave us free will so that we could have a true faith, born of love and hope and peace.  He gave us free will so that we could have a faith that was pure, and meaningful to us.

Just as our earthly parents should not just give their children everything it wants.  If the child had to work for what it wants, then it will be more meaningful, more precious, and the child gains experience and understanding of what this thing is, and what its value is.

Through the gifts we have received, through the crosses we all carry and through our struggles, through the gift of free will and the gift of our faith, we can move away from that influence of sin and towards the freedom of the love of God and our neighbor.

May God give you hope, freedom,and love !





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