Suffering and Glory (Part II)

The second part of this statement is the best part !

“… Compared with the glory to be revealed for us ”


The consolation for the trials we experience in this life are connected to the glory that is to be revealed.  What does this mean for us ?  This is just a foretaste of the things we can expect.  In a cursory reading, some may find that the idea of this glory that will be coming is their heavenly reward, their mansion in Heaven on the streets of gold.

The problem with this concept is that , although our treasures maybe in Heaven, the focus with this type of reading is misplaced.  The glory that is to be revealed is not our own.  It is not the glory given to us for our trials and sufferings here.  Instead, the focus of a deeper reading is the Glory of God, that is yet to be revealed.  That glory is not confined to the realm of Heaven.  The glory , although not in its entirety, can shine forth here on Earth.

It shines forth in the little miracles we experience in everyday life.  It is revealed in our faith, in the conversion of souls.  It is revealed  to us in all creation, in all of life.   The question becomes what is the process of our revelation.  That revelation will come not only in the experience of Heaven, but also occurs in the processes of our own conversions.  As we learn more about our own faith and about God, we will have more of God’s glory revealed to us.  Not that His glory was not already there, but that our own perception of the world of God that we live within is something that is limited by our own human failings.

The revelation occurs like the blind man Jesus cured.  Your own conversion , your faith in God is the healing.  It is what allows the scales to fall from our eyes in that you may see clearly , and that the same small part of that glory can begin to be revealed in our lives !

My the peace of Our Lord reign in your hearts, and be shared throughout all the world !




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One Response to “Suffering and Glory (Part II)”

  1. SaintlySages Says:

    The sun is ever shining in all its glory. But it seem like night unless we open the shutters of our houses. God bless!

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