He Has Come to the Help of His Servant Israel ! (Magnificat – Part III )

He has come to the help of his servant Israel ,

For He has remembered this promise of mercy,

The promise He made to our fathers,

To Abraham, and his children forever “.

This portion oof the canticle speaks about the fulfillment of the promise that the savior would come and that He would be of the lineage of David.

The Incarnation cames in through Israel,  and an interesting thought…

The promise was that there would be children as numberous as the sands on the beach, or stars in the heavens.

Indeed  because, through the Incarnation He has gained children for the Heavenly Father.

The last portion once again recalls theExodus.  The point where God looked upon Isreal and brought them to this point.  This is being fulfilled through Mary’s fiat.

Mary is excited, and as one can imagine , like someone who first experiences a moment or period of conversion, there is usually a rush of emotion and a flooding of the Holy Spirit suich that it is all consuming.  While aware of the blessing she has recieved, she is also pointedly aware of the fact that there is a duplicity there. that He comes in mercy.

Another interesting point of the Magnificat is that just prior to this was the idea that God has Mercy on those who fear Him in every generation.   This idea is important because it means that God  shows His loving mercy from the beginning of time. Not only at the point of the Incarnation, but beyond and through the future generations.

Mary uses the story of the Exodus and the fulfillment of this promise as a point of mercy. Elizabeth would have understood these things since they were from the same lineage and family.   Just as these canticles retell the same stories, this is how their  history was passed on.

God having mercy in every generation means that today and into the future generations , God’s mercy is with us.

Mercy is an interesting concept.  Mercy is a gift that is given freely, without the recipient necessarily deserving it or asking for it or even thinking of it.  Gods mercy is everywhere and indeed all thoughout the Bible.   The mercy that was given to us at the institution of the Eucharist, at the Last Supper wich is extended to us today and everytime we receive Him at the Eucharistic celebration.

Years ago I served as a Eucharistic Minister  (EMHC) and chaplain at a local cancer hospital.  Those were long days and there were many people to see and I was the only one who was going.  There were, honestly , days I really did not want to go.  I would say “Lord, I  REALLY dont want to go”. I went anyway because I knew in my heart that those people .. our brothers and sisters, needed Jesus Christ  and I was supposed to take Him there.

There are actually two paints of Gods’ mercy here :

First, God planted the seed that caused me to go, and to be with those who needed Him desperately.

Second, is that every time I felt that way going into the building, I left filled with the Spirit.  I always received so much more than I ever gave.

We become what we receive.  We receive Jesus in the Eucharist, in Holy Scripture, and in the Body of Christ , the community of believers  and then we take Him with us, to be given to others.   At the same time,  we receive mercy through the Eucharistm and then we are then to extend that mercy to others through our corporal works and spirituall works of mercy.    In tihs waywe fulfill our role as Christians, to go forth and proclaim Him to all the world.

We can fulfill our own fiat, our own Magnificat !


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