Proclaim ! ( Magnificat Canticle Part I)

“My  soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord

My spirit rejoices in God my saviour

For He has look with favor on his lowly servant

From this day all generations will call me blessed !

The almighty has done great things for me and holy is his name !”


To proclaim something means that you speak with authority, or with certain conviction.  To say something with an absolute resoluteness.

How often in your life do you spend speaking in this way?   When speaking about proclaiming something  we normally think of a church or politics.


The setting for this canticle is very familiar, very happy.

Mary  who was already some weeks or months along in her pregnancy has gone to visit her cousin , who lived “in the hill country” . She has gone to help out her older cousin and to visit family for a while.

Even to this point , Mary has been a supermodel of virtue .  TO a young girl , so full of hope and faith and love.  SO resolute was her faith to say “yes” to the incarnation.  In her saying yes, she risked many things, or at least could have.  To be pregnant , and unwed, and it was not Josephs child.  In that situation she could have been rejected, or even stoned to death, killed for her faith.


At hits point however, Joseph has taken her as his bride, and has set about taking care of providing for Mary and his soon to be completed family.  Mary at this point not only had her visitation, but has had more confirmation on her journey as by this point Joseph had already shared with Mary the story of his visitation, telling him to not be afraid to take Mary as his wife.


Here again, we have Mary saying “yes” again to service and sacrifice going to visit her cousin in her time of need.  Here again Mary is given confirmation, where John, leaps in his mothers womb and Elizabeth recognizes what has happened, and declares to Mary she is the mother of the Lord.

Elizabeth makes a proclamation, She does not say “How is it that the mother of THE Lord should come to me”…

She says ” How is it that the mother of MY Lord…” making this her profession of faith.


Within our Baptismal sacrament  we become priest, prophet and King.

These are not titles.  These are roles.  These are life journeys that we are meant to fulfill, in the best possible and most humane way.

Mostly these are roles of service.  Service to God, and to our brothers and sisters.  Mary fulfills these roles within the context of her visit to Elizabeth.  She goes to serve Gd  with the work she will do for her cousin.  She proclaims God.  She proclaims and testifies to what God has done , and IS DOING with her.  She gives all the glory to God and exudes thanksgiving for the gift she has been given.


In many ways service to her cousin, we find a perfect example of how we should carry out the service to God in our daily lives.  To serve our brothers and sisters as we are able , to carry Christ with us and share him with those that we meet along the way, and to proclaim God , in our work, in our words and in our lives.

In todays world, we look at Marys canticle and fiat as the model of Christian living.  We go about our lives in a daily walk of faith.  In our walk eventually something happens and we are given choices to make.  Those choices might not be on the level or magnitude , or as life altering as the appearance of an angel with some message, but the choices are basically the same.


We may choose to take one path or the other.  We can choose to pick up a cross that is given to us.  Possibly it is not a cross that we choose , but is a cross we have , or that we realize we are either in the midst of, or don’t feel that we have a choice in.  Then this question , this feeling , this cross is , in fact the choice of faith.


Even if we find ourselves in the midst of chaos, in the midst of the pain, difficulty , or of some suffering , we can still choose !

You can choose to reject the cross you have before you, making that cross an external problem, viewing that as a detestable part of your life that you just have to put up with , work through, live with, and and hopefully never have to deal with again, or there is another path.

You can choose to accept your cross in faith.  A faith that knows who much God loves you and desires only what is best for you.


To own your cross is a very internal process.  To come face to face with the problems involved , to do it anyway.  The choices involved in your own cross may be difficult in the beginning.  Faith does not mean that there is no fear, no apprehension, no challenges.  It does not mean that the pathway through the cross is easier.

It means that in spite of those things we are faces with we know that God is greater !  We know that God has a plan for us.  We know that even if we do not see that plan, that there are blessings in every cross we carry and all we have to do is trust, and God will provide.

No go out  and PROCLAIM God with your lives  !





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3 Responses to “Proclaim ! ( Magnificat Canticle Part I)”

  1. SaintlySages Says:

    A most insightful reflection on the Magnificat! Thank you, Mark. I see two types of crosses. One is a cross of our own choosing; we call this our profession, from the Latin profiteor, to profess, declare. The other type is a cross offered to us, a cross we are called to accept; we call this a vocation, from the Latin vocare, to call. It was this second type of cross that Simon the Cyrenian bore briefly, and which Mary bore throughout her earthly life. I look forward to Part 2 of your reflection, Mark. Resurrexit!

  2. Fiona Says:

    Belle poste. Je vérifiais cοnstantly ce blog et je suis inspiré !

    Extrêmement utile informatiin ѕpecifically tҺe ѕection finale 🙂 Je prends soin оf infos ѕuch beaucoup.
    Je useɗ à la recherche de cette information сertain pour longtemps а .
    Merci yo ս ɑnd meilleure des chances .

    • brbearsfo Says:

      Merci pour la lecture et le partage de vos réflexions sur le poste. Je remercie d’avoir pris le temps de répondre. Puisse Dieu vous donner le don de sa paix!

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