Canticle of Habakkuk – Part II Daily Blessings

“Tents of Cushan trembled, the pavilions of the land of Midian,

Was your anger against the river  oh Lord, your anger against the sea ?

That you mounted  your steeds , your victorious chariot ?  You readied your bowstring with arrows ?

You split the earth with rivers , at the sight of you the deep roared loudly , the sun forgot to rise .

The moon left its lofty station at the light of your flying arrows, at the gleam of your flashing spear.”


This section of the canticle again speaks of the supernatural occurrences that accompany the interaction of God into the world.

The world is a marvelous place , full of birds and animals  and plants.  It was created and filled with a super abundance of resources, more than enough for all of mankind and the plants and animals that live within it.  THe problem is that greed greed separates us.  It comes about when mankind tries to take possession or ownership  and in that process takes away the ability to bless others , and a channel to give God the Praise and Glory due to Him.


Mankind needs to revisit the concept of ownership.  If you own land or a business or something else, it is yours to use for your needs , yes, you are , however, given ownership of certain possessions  as trust or a custodian of the blessings you have received for others.    I have a house, and I own that house and the land it sits on.  I paid for those objects , but ultimately they belong to God.   How did I pay for these things ?  I worked .   The work I was given is a blessing from God.

There are many in the world who do not have work.  Work is a blessing in that it gives purpose and depth to our lives.  There are positive psychological benefits to work.  It gives us Human interaction , exercise , gives us problems to solve and over all feelings of accomplishment. Primarily, work gives us another another opportunity to be a blessing to others and  with the tithing we do from what we receive from work it gives us an opportunity to sanctify our work and give that glory to God.

I have a place I go to work , the job that gives me work.  With that job is a blessing that the company is there that provides a place to work.  The company does not belong to the people who own it, not truly.  They are , or at least should be custodians of the company  operated for the benefit of all who go to work there.

I have transportation, that I take to go to the job.   Again it was just another blessing I receive, that takes me to the Job ( blessing)  that gives me work ( blessing) so that I can pay for the house (blessing).

There are two problems that we as human have with this.  First, is that we receive  these blessings from God and then sin enters in and greed takes over and we use these blessings from God taking what we want beyond our needs , and causing the suffering of our brothers and sisters.  The Land , the house, the job, the transportation all these things which are blessings, can then be turned into the object of sin.  We strip the Land, we poison it, we build mansions that are far in surplus of the need for the sake of pride and ego.

The job, that does not pay its employees enough , or provide for their welfare , for the sake of profit, and the transportation , purchased as a status symbol, driven in a manner in disregard for the welfare of others. This is a small example of how it is that man takes those blessings received from God and are subsequent turned into objects of sin.

The second problem is that like the Hebrews of the Old Testament, we have lost sight of or lost awareness of God in our daily lives, wandering about oblivious to the daily miracles and blessings we receive each and every day.

To spend our days in praise and thanksgiving for the blessings we have been given leaves little to no room for other sin.


Begin each day with thanking God for the blessings of Life, and end the day thanking God for all the little blessings that he has filled your life with !


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