The Guilt Trip (Canticle of Moses II – part 4 )

” Learn that I , I alone am God …”


Through the course of this canticle we have seen the Joy of the Exodus .  How God, from the beginnings of the earth after the Great Flood had laid out a plan and cared for the Hebrews.

We then saw how the Hebrews, when left alone, fell into idolatry and the worship of false gods.  In the end we see God’s anger and pain, but that being turned back into love and teaching for the Hebrews.


This canticle has all the markings of the classic ” Guilt Trip”.  Our parents or our friends who are hurt by something we may have done come to us , and they are upset.  They may begin with a simple question like “Why” ?  This is quickly followed by a review of all the places along the path of your journey where you have failed.  For the parent that might be something like  ” I remember when you were 2 years old and you threw your cup off the table…”  and that is the beginning of the litany of all the points where you failed or were perceived to fail.  Then to complete the cycle comes an apology or repentance and reconciliation.


The only thing that can be said about the ” Guilt trip” is that although in some cases the instigator may be ” right” or “wrong” , in a very human sense, it is that it is nearly always from a posture of love.  The people involved are hurt or in pain and there  would  most certainly not expend the energy to take this “trip” of it were not for the desire to reconcile the issues and return to peace and a place of love.


Obviously , the “Guilt trip ” is just a statement of Love.  It is used as a method to elicit a response or a change in attitude or behavior that the person who is the “tour guide” for this trip is desiring. That desire is a return to normalcy or a perception of normalcy or something desirable.

God, our Father, loves us.  He loves ALL of us  even when we go off   the beaten path , even when we sin. We have priests and prophets and our own well formed consciences to take us on the road to remembering  what it is that God has done for us, what He still does for us, and that he desires our love.


The Old Testament writings of God might sound to you like God is angry, violent, and vengeful.  In truth, the places where it talks about the wrath and vengeance is really a call for the people of  God to return to the love of God.   The problems we experience in this life usually stem from a place where we have strayed off the path and lost sight of the things that are most important.

When things in your life are not going quite the way you might like, or the way that you intended, take some time out and review what is going on in your life, and where you are in your life in relationship to your walk with God.   You will probably find that your a little off the path somewhere along the line, or a decision you made in the areas that are causing you difficulty, probably was not in line with your faith life.


May God give you the gift of his peace..




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