Taking Inventory ( Canticle of Moses II – Part 3)

” The Lord alone was their leader, no strange god was with them.  He had them ride triumphant over the summits of the land  and live of the products of His fields,

giving them honey to suck from its rocks and olive oil from its stoney ground, butter from its cows , and milk from its sheep, with the fat of its lambs and rams, its Bashan bulls and its goats,

with the cream from its finest wheat and the foaming blood of its grapes you drank !  … So Jacob ate its fill and the darling grew fat and frisky.”


How many times does this happen to you ?.. You are going along your way merry way  and something happens for you and life is good.  What ever that thing is you want to make it better because this is good and you don’t want that to end.   If anything you want it to continue and get better !  It becomes almost excessive and begins to take over your life.  A little is good…. more must be better right ?

It begins to take over every waking moment or every spare moment to the exclusion of nearly everything else.


Next thing you know out of left field something happens that puts an immediate and abrupt halt to your happiness and to your joy, and you find yourself in a vacuum.  Your legs knocked out from under you and you feel disoriented or in pain, you wonder what happened and for a time there is a general unnatural or unreal feeling about what has happened.  Then the analysis phase begins, and you look at what happened and why it happened and how to “fix”it.


What you eventually come to realize is that you have , through your own human weaknesses, let that one thing you were chasing after take the place of God in your life.  The thing is not what you might not have intended.  It seemed innocent and natural enough and then it grew and took over.


Maybe you fed this thing and it grew.  The idol you created that is your hobby, your career your position, power , money, wealth, your earthly possessions.  Maybe it was a person, or an idea, maybe some talent or creation.  It is a treasure of your soul a tithing you give to the earthly false god of your heart.


There is an entire generation of people out there who do not understand why it is that we are involved in tithing .  They believe the purpose of tithing is to support the physical structure the earthly structure that is the church building and its personnel.  No,  the purpose of tithing is to sanctify the work that we do.  Our tithing consists of how we spend our time, talent and treasure.  While you spend your time talent and treasure on what ever it is that you have set up as the primary thing in your life, you then have not only created for yourself a false God but you have also taken away from God the thing that is rightfully belonging to Him by omission.  That is not to say that some of the basic necessities of life do not occasionally take precedence in our time frame, but in all things we give those things to God.  that work, those chores, that way we spend time should be for the glory of God and for those we serve.


Eventually the ride will stop, and you will be face to face with the thing you had placed in the position of an earthly god in your life, which has disappeared and left you empty.  Because it was a god that can not save, heal or give you life.


These occurrences are not just one time events.  The temptations to put other things in front of or in the face of God is great.  Satan is the father of lies, and deceit.  A well formed conscience is a necessary tool in the fight against the evil in our world.  As a constant guard , a daily examination of conscience is key in the battle coupled with the Sacrament of Reconciliation to help healing the wounds of the soul !




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One Response to “Taking Inventory ( Canticle of Moses II – Part 3)”

  1. SaintlySages Says:

    Sadly, man’s postlapsarian weakness is such that even religious devotions and time-honored practices like tithing can devolve into spiritual pride. Fortunately, God, in His good time and measure, offers each of us a powerful grace, namely, sufficient assistance to avoid pride. Thus, Paul taught (Eph 2:8-9), and the Council affirmed (Acts 15:10-11), that it is by grace, not merely by works of the Law, that believers are saved. Have a great weekend, Mark. Pax et Bonum, Brother!

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