Know where you came from ! ( The Canticle of Moses II – Part 2)

” Yet Basely has he been treated by this degenerate children……  So he spread out his wings to receive them and bore then upon his pinions “…


This section of the Canticle is both a history lesson and a reminder of the realities about all that God has done for them and a little bit of correction , explaining where they went wrong .  Let us begin with the history.  To understand where you are, you need to understand where you have been.


We first need to go all the way back to Genesis, and the Great Flood.  After the flood, the earth was re-populated from Noah’s 3 sons and their wives.  Noah, through divine providence, divided up the known world amongst his sons.  The portion that would contain what is now Israel , was assigned to Shem.  ( whose name means renown or prosperity).  THe line from Shem proceeds in the following lineage :

Shem – Arphaxad – Shelah, Eber, Peleg – Rey – Serug – Nahor – Terah  Abraham = Isaac – and finally Jacob.

It was from Jacob , Leah, and Rachel that came what would be the 13 tribes of  Israel.  God had already taken them all through these ages and taken out of slavery.  Took them out into the dessert and provided for their needs  and gave them every possible reason to have faith , trying to raise them up in faith and love.


Another interesting part of this section of the canticle is the part that reads ” the Lords own portion was Jacob”.  Through the scriptures , we see the word “portion”  used in different ways.  It is used to mena, Gift, offering, payment etc.  In this case however, it means or includes something that is “set aside”.   THis would be to say that Israel was set aside for God.  this brings us to a foreshadowing of the Messiah to come.


So, how does this reflect on us today ?  The first thing that comes to mind is the blessings we have received in creation.   The Earth and all its bounty and its beauty  the creatures and plants  and all the resources of our planet were created  and man was created , and man was given dominion  of the earth.  THe earth and all its abundance with all the necessities  that we should ever have needed.


Man has , however, through sin and damage and destruction, and through sin did man cause suffering both to our created world, but also to our fellow man.  How like the Hebrews we turned our backs on the blessings and turned instead to greed and wonton destructions.  THis until we are shown the error of our ways , and even then we have not been convinced and convicted , left to our own devices like the Hebrews,  we turn and commit the very same sins against our fellow man  and against God.


And like the Canticle we find that when we have strayed or when we have fallen down , and we realize the error we have made, it happens that God who has been there all along becomes apparent to us.  In our pain and in our suffering , do we find that God is there waiting for us.  He waits for us with open arms, Joyous at our realization and our return to the path of  life.


It is at this point where we realize where God has been with us.  He guided our footsteps and carried us through those trials that we were unable to see where we should go, baring us up on His pinions again !



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