Our Relationship With God – Canticle of Moses II – part 1

” Give ear  O Heavens while I speak, Let the Earth harken to the sound of my voice.

May my instruction soak in like the rain, and my discourse permeate like the dew.

Like a downpour  upon the grass , like a shower upon the crops.

For I will sing the Lords renown,  Oh proclaim the greatness of our God !

The Rock – how faultless are His deeds how right all His ways !

A faithful God without deceit , how just and upright he is ! ”   – Deuteronomy 32

This section of the canticle serves a dual purpose, to praise God, and also to call upon GOd and the Israelites to gain their attention , as Israel appears to need some reminding that God was God.   THere, there is the symbolism of water.  ” May my instruction soak in like the rain and my discourse permeate like the dew..”  For the people of Israel and indeed for all people waster is life.  It is impossible to live without water. they need water for themselves, and for their livestock.

Periodically we forget how connected we are to water until there is some disaster or problem where we are cut off from our water supply, or maybe in our little corner of the world there is a drought.  This , then becomes the point where we awaken from our slumbers and are brought back to an awareness of how important that water is to us in our daily lives.

At times our relationship with God can be like that of the Israelites.  We get really busy with our daily lives.  We get caught up in the necessities of making a living.  We put God on a shelf for a time while we get busy with trying to “get ahead”.   Possibly you are facing some challenge and you are wrestling with how to fix the issues of the day to the point where those thoughts are the all consuming thoughts of the day.  You have busy days and nights.  Work keeps you  busy during the day, maybe you don’t care for your job, or some facets of it.  Possibly there is some project your working on that is difficult, or not really progressing well, maybe your in a new relationship.  The emotions are in fully gear and caught up in the whirlwind and  your only real thought is about spending time with “the other” person.

In some cases this type of existence can be thought of like the slavery of the Israelites.  We can be thought of as being slaves to our work, our relationships, our emotions, and any other part of our worldly existence that takes our attention r our efforts away from working on our relationship with God.

In the midst of the slavery to the earthly existences, issues, and problems that we face, we get lulled into that experience as being “normal”, and we get stuck on our little treadmills,  oblivious that God is waiting for us to return, to show the love we have for Him.  Hours become days, days become weeks that then turn into months, and you spend your free moments thinking of the time when this or that will come to pass.

Suddenly  there is a problem, a disaster, some life changing event that just appears and you get shaken our of your slumber.  The event has caused you to take time to consider your life, and the things that are important get re-ordered or renumbered or maybe reexamined and get a chance to take precedence in your life again.

For those whose hearts are touched and are open , there comes the sudden realization that their relationship with God took a little abuse, and the work begins again. To rebuild that which was lost , or to renew the relationship that was long ignored or went unfed.

The last part of this stanza reminds us of how good and faithful God is.  He constantly calls us , beckons us to turn towards Him, loving us , and caring for us.  Like the garden, he plants  the seeds of faith through life in the church and waters it lovingly.      At our entrance to the church at baptism we are blessed with water, and every day of our lives that we enter the church to be with Him, we receive feeding and water, In the Eucharist , in the blessings, int he fonts.  In our final earthly journey here again we are blessed with water.

Let the rain of God’s  love soak in and permeate your lives and the lives of those you touch today !


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2 Responses to “Our Relationship With God – Canticle of Moses II – part 1”

  1. SaintlySages Says:

    You know you are well into Lent when Catholics begin to inquire about the liceity of eating alligator on Fridays. Have a blessed weekend, Brother. Pax et Bonum!

    • brbearsfo Says:

      LOL.. So very true.. and in Florida as long as its not the other way around ! Thank you again, Brother ! Pax et Bonum !

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