Victory ! ( Canticle of Anna – Part 1)

” My Heart exults in the Lord, My Horn is exalted by my God.

I have swallowed up my enemies, I rejoice in your victory.

There is no Holy One like the Lord.  There is no Rock like our God. ”

Life comes to us in peaks and  valleys .  We know the peaks because of the valleys, or do we know the valleys because of the peaks ?  This is one of those questions like ” Is the glass half full or half empty “?

Anna is clear in her statement here.  She s clearly in a peak experience, and is praising God for his blessings.  Your own peaks and valleys are different moment to moment, day to day, each point in time could be though of this way.  Possibly it is not by time. but by experiences we judge our peaks and valleys.   ” The Good Old Days” , or maybe ” The Dark Days” of some experience.  Our human nature , or our emotional experiences might cause us to assign these good and bad qualities to our daily lives.

These peaks and valleys are individual experiences, where your peak may be willing a game, or getting a promotion, r maybe running a marathon.  Someone else’s  peak  experience might be getting out of bed, or taking a pain free breath, or being able to feed their family.   You had those peaks today !  Did you notice ? Did you take the time to experience those moments ?

In the course of our daily lives we spend so much time trying to climb out of the valleys to the next peak that we miss the miracle of the moment !  We miss the blessings and graces we daily receive and some of those wen might miss all together unless we are brought low enough into a valley unless we are humble, unless we are shown some of the miracles we missed !

This then begs some of the questions :  Why do we have these peaks and valleys ?  Does God curse us with the valleys ?  Do these peaks and valleys mean we are on the right road or the wrong one ?

For the answer to these questions we first have to see how it is that God deals with us.   God , our Heavenly Father, deals with us and relates to us just as any parent would deal with his children.  He loves us. He cares for us and he only wants what is best for us.

As Christian parents we know the responsibilities of a parent includes  procreation, spiritual education, temporal and corporal welfare, and of which an academic education of the children entrusted to them is a part. God takes this responsibility and provides for all these things.  He provides for us a continuity of care that is never ending.  Just as with the children we raise , there are rules, boundaries.  Our lives are better when we follow the rules.

Why do we have peaks and valleys ?..

God tests those whom He loves.  In order to learn things in life we have tests.  Just we had in school we are given information, and at some point there is a test of life that comes along.  This is where we find our what we have learned.  A different method might be that there are the valleys, these tests, that we are given first, and then you learn something new. something different.  Through the eyes of faith we can see that through that valley we can see the hand of God.  We can see some new facet of faith that we did not see before.  Perhaps we do not see the reasons today, maybe we don’t get to see them until tomorrow, or it is just that we already understand Gods love for us and this particular valley was not meant for you at all, but for you to testify through the valley to the love and blessings and grace of faith in God.

It is through the peaks and valleys we learn. where we tae the cognitive and translate that into the concrete experiential learning and knowledge, that is applied to the next Peak or valley.    These valleys are not a curse from God.  That would infer some type of malevolence.  That wold be inconsistent with the God of Love.

Everyone has a cross.  Everyones cross is different, and those crosses can change daily, or moment to moment.  It is not a question of   IF  you carry your cross, but HOW you carry your cross.    Make your cross a Prayer and Praise !


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One Response to “Victory ! ( Canticle of Anna – Part 1)”

  1. SaintlySages Says:

    And, I have observed that from a valley the magnificence of a peak can be more readily appreciated. God bless!

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