Crisis ( Canticle of Hezekiah 4/6 )

” Day and night you give me over to torment.  I cry out until the dawn.  Like a lion he breaks all my bones. Like a swallow I utter shrill cries , I moan like a dove.  My eyes grow weak, gazing heavenward, Oh Lord, I am in straits, be my surety !   “….

In each life there are moments of crisis.  In this case Hezekiah is in fear for his life, and has suffered and not found the relief he was looking for.  He believes that things are bleak and after coming to what he believes to be the proverbial end of his rope, he turns to God for help !

In the course of crisis, there are a myriad of possible states to enter into: Irritation, Anger, Pain, Desperation , Despair, Resolution, and Peace.  In this process , those who are not then living a faith filled existence, usually turn to God somewhere between despair and desperation.

Regardless of the outcome,  there comes a resolution to the crisis, and eventually peace will resume into what ever the current reality is.  What does this say about where we are in our faith life ?  How do we approach our relationship with God.

Nearly everyone has or knows ” that relative” who does not act “right” or is unkept, or has some quality that makes them not so high on the life of people you want to spend time with.  So you invite them for various holidays, but avoid them  the rest of the year.  Is this our relationship with God ?  Do we visit only on holidays or special occasions ?  Do we spend time only when we are in crisis ?  Possibly visiting , and spending time on our relationship with God causes us discomfort because the more time we spend there, causes us to examine our lives and exposes our flaws, realities about ourselves we would maybe rather not face ?


The crisis in our lives can be like the sandpaper used by a carpenter,  it is at first, very coarse, or ruff grades used to take care of the ruff surfaces, and then finer grades are used to create ever finer, softer surfaces.  Crisis can be like that if we allow God to work with us.  The crisis can be a way to learn, to build our relationship with God and to not only experience, but to testify to God’s loving mercy and care.

Each crisis is an opportunity not only for growth, but an opportunity to be an example or to plant the seeds of faith by the example we give, in how we approach and work through the crisis we experience  In this way we can , in the words of St. Francis,, ” Preach at all times, and when necessary use words”…




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