Separations ( Canticle of Hezekiah 2/6 )

“I shall see the Lord no more in the land of the living. No longer will I behold my fellow man among those who dwell in the world ”


This portion of the Canticle speaks to us of separation.  Hezekiah laments what he believes swill become the separation of his friends and from God.  What can we glean from this example ?  What are the separations in our lives ? How do they effect us and what can we learn from them ?


One of the separations we experience in life are separations from family and friends.  Separations begin at birth.  Warm and safe in our mothers womb we are cast into the world and there we have lots of new things to cope with and learn about.   We are reunited with our mothers and the cycle begins yet again.


We go through ever changing separations when we go to school for the first time, or to college.  If you had siblings, there were separations from them as well.  You might be in different classes or maybe they made other friends and they did not include you , so you felt separated from them.  Maybe you lived in one place and had to move to another place, and you had to leave behind friends you were close to.


Separations happen as we learn about romantic love.  Even as a relationship begins and a couple are trying to learn about each other.  Misunderstandings, missteps , and confusion are all part of that learning process.  THere may be anger, hurt , frustration and either a temporary or more permanent separation.  Maybe the separation occurred temporarily due to other responsibilities, and then those separations cause other issues and challenges.

One of the separations that occur in life that can be profound is the separations that surround our work.  Separations happen as we progress from one position to another.  Maybe you are promoted or are moved to another department.   There also comes a time when you leave your job.  You are laid off, or possibly let go, or maybe even the job that you have had ends because it was not necessary any longer or the business where you work closes its doors.

What ever the reason this separation can be quite profound for us.  There can be depression , sorrow, hurt or anger.  Particularly  this type of separation  causes people to go through some of those stages of grief we hear so much about.


THe feelings of separation also occur with age.  A number of people as they age tend to withdraw from the craziness that the world outside their door can be.  As a result, in some cases, people stop coming over, or visits from outside slow or maybe stop.  It is easier not to be involved since the world outside requires work and effort and obligations .  It takes time, travel and money.

In the feelings of separation there is opportunity, however, for growth.  Both in the personal and spiritual realms.  If an unexamined life is not worth living then this is a time to give some extra meaning to your life !

This is a time to examine why you are feeling separated.  What caused the separation?  Do you with to fix that issue or problem ?

Separations tend to be one of two types : relation or object oriented.  You can examine why you feel about that thing the way you do.  Maybe that thing is really not about the thing at all.  Maybe that thing is really about a relationship you attached TO that thing.  You should honor and love the person not the thing.


If the separation is a relationship based, then in an objective light, it is time to examine why the separation occurred  and at what point it began.  This is the point where it is time to get down to the work of our faith life, and acknowledge your failings.  Either by what you may have done or failed to do, or possibly the fact that you failed to forgive.

Ask for forgiveness of God and of other ones in the relationship and then forgive others even if they are not in a place to know they need it, understand it , or even want it.

In the end, separation becomes more about dropping your baggage and living the life of love that we are called to.




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2 Responses to “Separations ( Canticle of Hezekiah 2/6 )”

  1. SaintlySages Says:

    One of the most poignant types of separation for me is letting go of my own will in order to embrace the will of God. God bless. Gaudete!

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