Celebrate ! ( Canticle of Isaiah 6/6 )

” Shout with Exultation City of Zion for great in your midst is the Holy One of Israel ” !


Celebration.  Unless you become like a child you can not enter the kingdom of heaven…  Children are a blessing and in a number of areas they are models of how adults ought to model their experiences.

Children are by nature joyful, happy and loving !  Generally speaking, they wake up happy and only look for their basic needs to be met.  Their first thoughts are how they are going to fill their day with fun, and exploration, learning about their world.  Children are an open book.  There is no “filter” through which things go before they come out of their mouths.  Ask any elementary school  teacher  they hear everything..

We fill children with wonder and awe during the holidays, Christmas, Easter, ( in the some countries Thanksgiving) .  We fiil them with love, excitement and hopefully faith.  There are feelings that are wonderful, mysterious and full of joy.  So much joy in fact that it is almost impossible to contain it all and all they want to do is to share that experience with everyone they know and meet !

So what happened ?  What things happened to you to loose that child like innocence and wonder ?  More importantly what does it say to us if we use our children as gauges of where we are in our faith life ?

Life happens to us all.  We ” grow up ” ,  If we gad a “normal” childhood ( what ever that means) our world  grew and things changed.  There were new experiences like competition, anger, hatred, friendships, heart-breaks.  New relationships and separations.  You eventually learn about money and what that means , and responsibilities and obligations.  As we get older, we relive these experiences over and over again and in some cases ever more weighty or burdensome in their effects.   Possibly we trudge through our daily lives not even becoming aware of the loss we have been experiencing.

For most people, the point at which they become  most aware is usually about the point when things stop.  You have some quiet time, a time to stop the world ans let you get off, and there is time to think and reflect.  You stop and recognize that this is not the experience  you had in younger years, and you may wonder what happened or even to allow yourself to mourn the loss of that innocence or those feelings.

Children are amazingly resilient.  They are sad about a situation and then an hour or day later they are happy and playing, enjoying and celebrating their world again.  Their ability to rebound is truly a wonder, and their desire to love as a joy.

SO what does this say about us as a gauge of our faith life ?  We get to caught up in the minutia of our daily lives … That we forget those things that are most important… We spend time working on issues of the day, bills, work, housing, food, time and every other problem and challenge we face day in and day out.  It becomes like a python, constricting and squeezing all the life our of you that is possible before we finally surrender ourselves and our crosses to God. These times in our lives when we celebrate become fewer and fewer until the joy leaves us.

So it is with our faith.  We need to truly celebrate the little miracles of each and every day.  Each morning a miracle, each person, each relationship, each and every part  of our lives contain a miracle of faith.  Our challenge is to seek the face of God in each part of our lives and celebrate that.

In each thing  that is the cross we carry, there are even miracles and blessings in these if we work through them and seek God in all we do.  Jesus said I will be with you even until the end of days.  We need to celebrate each moment for with us is the Holy One of Israel !








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One Response to “Celebrate ! ( Canticle of Isaiah 6/6 )”

  1. SaintlySages Says:

    Mark, thank you for offering this excellent six-part reflection providing us with spiritual nourishment and just in time for Advent. God bless! Maranatha!

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