Sing ! ( Canticle of Isaiah 5/6 )

” Sing Praise to the Lord , for he has done glorious things, let this be known throughout  all the earth”


The Bible is replete with singing or the encouragement of singing and playing music.  Music is an integral part of every Mass and almost every sing gathering or meeting of any kind of ministry within the church.

There have been points throughout the history of the church where music was ,in particular singing was the way in which catechesis was accomplished  in some cases for convenience , and in some cases where Christianity was outlawed all together.  Song was used to teach history  and lessons, to inspire, and to offer praise, thanksgiving and supplication .

So integral is music and song to worship that all the popes throughout time have instured that singing is not only included, but has taken a place of prominence within the liturgical worship.  The place of song in a life of prayer and praise is so important that in the document ” Musicam Sacram”  it states that not only those involved in choirs and musicians , but also the clergy and those in religious communities , even in seminaries, and the lay people in the church should be given instruction on how to sing the sacred music.   Each person has a proper part to sing through the course of the celebration of the Mass, and it indeed is a poverty that a multitude of Christians do not know those parts or even that those parts exist or their proper names for that matter.

Anyone involved in the music ministrywill tell you that one of the challenges involved with this aspect of worship is that there exists and ebb and flow between between your part in the celebration  becoming a job, or a part you perform, like going to work in an office, it can feel like you are ” on the clock”.  Whether or not your position is that you are a music director, or you are the musician, or choir member the challenge is the same.  In the liturgical setting, your heart knows that this is worship, and the brain says its work and you need to worry about the work of “performance”.  In order to fix this balance issue, many musicians just go to a different mass, at a different church at some other time to acquire their spiritual feeding.

Just as there should be annual retreats and educational opportunities for our clergy , we should also have retreats and educational opportunities for our liturgical musicians and choirs.  This so as to recharge and renew themselves as well as the advancement in their formation both within the music and within their faith !

Bach said “Singing is praying twice..”  There is no doubt that singing  has a mind -spirit connection this is unique and special.  Singing connected to worship is probably the closest we can get on earth to heaven.






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One Response to “Sing ! ( Canticle of Isaiah 5/6 )”

  1. rosesnearrunningwaters Says:

    I love the music in our church. It is so reverent and I can just picture the angels joining in when we sing hymns during Mass. God Bless!

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