Proclaiming His Name … ( Canticle of Isaiah 4/6)

” And you will say on that day , Give Thanks to the Lord , Acclaim His name , Among the nations make known His deeds , Proclaim how exalted is His name !”


As Christians we are given the task , and the joy, of proclaiming the Lord and the Gospel at all times, to everyone.    This idea causes some people to shut down and close up.

 In the world, there are people, cultures and governments who would try to take that from you.  But this is not new.   Like many other times in the history of the world Christians have been persecuted.  THe church , however, has prevailed because the Lord promised that ” The gates of hell shall not prevail against it”.

Each person has been giving a different gift or multiple gifts.  Each person was given a different gift so that their free offering of that gift would be unique and have its place in the contribution to the building up of the Kingdom of God.


You might say to yourself that  everyone should proclaim the Lord and the Gospel, but you think that proclaiming the Good News is the domain of priests, Deacons, or religious.  Possibly you many  feel that preaching/proclaiming  is is not one of your gifts .  Maybe it is uncomfortable for you at this point in your life, or generally, to talk to others about your faith.    In some part of the world you might have been brought up to believe that there were the three taboo subjects you just did not talk about in public :  Religion, Politics, and Sex.  Today, however, it appears that in general conversation these taboos do not seem to apply, and in some cases only Faith is taboo.  You might as how this has come to be the case.  It is because people had the courage, ( good or bad) to start proclaiming their ideas.  They began to talk about what they think and read, and came to believe.  This is how it needs to be with our faith.  We need to have the courage, and conviction to go out and proclaim the Lord before all nations.  

Proclaiming according to the Webster’s Dictionary is “to SAY or state something in a pubic, official, or definitive way” .  This is just stating  something you believe.  WHich would be different from preaching in an official capacity as part of the teaching Majesterium of the Church


There is also another part of this idea that bears speaking about.  Although preaching , proclaiming, public speaking, or speaking in small groups , the largest, and best manner of proclaiming the Lord is the manner in which we choose to live our lives.  There is a story about St Francis, where he asked one of his brothers to accompany him into a nearby town to preach.  The young friar was very excited and  They arrived at the town, greeting everyone and sharing acts of kindness  with all they met.  Finally they got near the later part of the afternoon and the young friar asked St. Francis when they would be beginning to preach.  At this St Francis looked at the young brother and said to him.  ” We already have”.  “Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words…. “.


Faith is only the first part of the equation. Works are also necessary, for ” Faith without works is dead”. ( James 2:14)  Faith is like love, in that it is self diffusive.  To be sure there is a necessity to learn and study our faith and beliefs.  Even greater still is the need to share our faith and lives with others.  We all live in a community of some type or  another. A town, a City, social groups, church, clubs etc.  It has always been so.  From the beginning the Church began in a community of believers who were sent forth in pairs, both for support for each other and preach and proclaim by word and deed.  Were they perfect ?  no !  Did they fail from time to time ?  yes   In all things they planted the seeds of faith and prayed. 

In the end run proclaiming the Word of the God has little to do with what form your proclaiming takes and more to do with your gifts, time, talent and treasures you offer in the process.





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One Response to “Proclaiming His Name … ( Canticle of Isaiah 4/6)”

  1. SaintlySages Says:

    Some of the best preachers I knew did so without ever saying a word. Have a blessed and relaxing weekend.

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